Flat Nine at the Orpheum Annex


The Courtenay, B.C.–based soul-jazz quartet Flat Nine usually plays at its very own venue, a recording studio and performance space called the Downtown Social Club. It came as news to us that Courtenay has a downtown. Not only does it exist, it even has its own website ( www.downtowncourtenay.com/ ). It’s an area mercifully free of fast-food restaurants and chain cafés, and there’s even an honest-to-God brick-and-mortar record store, where you can presumably pick up physical copies of Flat Nine’s albums. You don’t have to go all the way to the Comox Valley to see the band in person, though. The four-piece—fronted by singer, saxophonist, and keyboardist Siobhan Walsh and featuring Graham Shonwise (bass, sax), Michael Nye (drums, percussion, vocals), and Eirah Unger (too many instruments to list here)—plays the Orpheum Annex on Saturday (January 25).

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