Excision at the Commodore


Man, some really great things come from Kelowna. Like the outrageously hot Taylor Kitsch, and the even hotter Evangeline Lilly, who, funnily enough, once lived in an East Vancouver basement suite right up the street from us. And while we’re playing two blocks of separation, you know who has never lived up the street from us? That would be Kelowna-raised dubstep hotshot Excision—aka Jeff Abel—who, despite our best efforts to get him on the phone this week to talk, silently went AWOL. Perhaps in advance of his Vancouver show at the Commodore on Saturday (January 25) he was up in Kelowna, drinking wine straight from the cask at Quails’ Gate Winery with the smokingly hot Taylor Kitsch, and the even more sizzling Evangeline Lilly while the world’s largest stereo system blared his new album Destroid: The Invasion to keep the crows away from the grapes. Then again, it’s also possible there are no cellphone towers in Kelowna, which still produces some pretty great things. Like Madchild.

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