Main Street Record Fair goes green

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      One of the greatest environmental problems facing us today is Barbra Streisand.

      Having introduced a vinyl-donation program to last year’s Main Street Record Fair, designed to help people rid themselves of unwanted albums in a way other than by sticking them in a Dumpster, organizer Robert Privett found himself with an awful lot of overstock—with Babs apparently taking up more space than most.

      “There’s just a lot of records that are getting donated that aren’t gonna be picked up by anybody. Barbra Streisand doesn’t really go very often,” lamented Privett, in a call to the Straight. “There’s a lot of Streisand out there and if she’s not making it to the turntable, let’s make sure she doesn’t get thrown in the Pacific either.”

      Since the program is a permanent fixture at the fair—last year it raised over $3,000 for Girls Rock Camp Vancouver, CiTR Radio, and the Safe Amplification Site Society—Privett has turned to the Recycling Council of B.C. for help. Plans are afoot to repurpose records into guitar pickguards, among other possible solutions—anything, in short, to keep The Way We Were out of the landfill.

      The Main Street Record Fair returns to the Cambrian Hall this weekend (May 17 and 18) with over 40 vendors, food trucks, and tunes courtesy of the Knights of the Turntable.

      Anyone wishing to donate their old collection to Privett can find more information at the Vinyl Record Fair website.