Gareth Emery at the Commodore

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      Who can even keep track of all the various subgenres of EDM? Not us. We didn’t even know there was such a thing as “trouse” until we looked up English producer Gareth Emery on Wikipedia about two minutes before writing this. Turns out it’s a portmanteau of trance and house. Well, duh.

      If it is indeed what Emery makes, trouse doesn’t sound a whole lot different than the four-on-the-floor tracks your parents used to get E-tarded to back when what was sold as “ecstasy” still contained trace amounts of methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Only then it was just called “progressive house”. Or “psytrance”, or something. Oh, hell, who can keep track?

      If you’re the type of person who feels inclined to write in and tell us that none of the aforementioned genres sound even remotely alike, you’re better off saving your energy for dancing, because you’ll need it on Saturday (June 14) when Emery plays the Commodore.