Venetian Snares at Fortune Sound Club

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      The awesomely named Aaron Funk has been making music—a lot of it—as Venetian Snares since the ’90s.

      Operating out of that frozen shithole known as Winnipeg (that’s what Funk calls it, so offended Peggers should direct their vitriol at him), the insanely prolific Venetian Snares has forged a sound that welds together such disparate elements as defibrillating break beats and sombre chamber strings.

      His most recent album, My Love Is a Bulldozer, adds his own vocals to the mix. And’s what’s he singing about, you ask? Here’s a taste: “My dick feels so hard it could break apart/My love is a bulldozer on the shores of paradise.”

      If those sound like the words of a seriously unhinged individual, keep in mind that he is, after all, from that “dogshit dildo” known to the rest of Canada as Winterpeg. That would be enough to drive anyone mad. Luckily for him, he’ll be spending Canada Day (July 1) in Vancouver, playing a set at Fortune Sound Club.