Kraftwerk at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre


It’s pretty awe-inspiring that Kraftwerk is still going after 44 years. That’s solid German engineering for you.

Sure, some of the parts have broken down over the years and have needed to be discarded and replaced, but the main android, the one called “Ralf”, has been at the helm since 1970, keeping the synthetic sound going continuously through the decades. Those krafty Germans have even gone to the trouble of aging him just like a real flesh-and-blood musician, although those with a keen eye can tell at a glance that “Ralf” is no more than an ingeniously designed mensch-maschine.

In any case, “Ralf” doesn’t seem to have any trouble keeping up with relative newcomers “Fritz”, “Henning”, and “Falk”, as he will no doubt prove when Kraftwerk puts on one of its impressive product demonstrations at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Thursday (July 3).

Old-school Kraftwerk fans might profess to missing some of the retired models, but we’re sure that “Florian” and “Wolfgang” and the others are probably on display in a technikmuseum in Düsseldorf or something. We only hope they haven’t been sold as scrap.

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Having seen the concert in Seattle on July 1st, this very brief article doesn't do justice to the performance Vancouver is about to see
Rating: +2
An amazing performance by one of the most influential groups of the past 40 years
Rating: -5
Levi Tation
Pure giddiness,combined with depth charges of sonic soul.Mind pleasantly blown to smithereens.Costs the equivalent of a dozen Fugazi tickets, but with no less integrity; somehow worth every penny.Glad I sold the farm for this transcendent event.
Rating: -6
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