The Queen show deserved a whipping

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Dear Payback Time: I went to Queen. I was excited. It was a total atrocity. That show deserved a whipping and you bowed down to it like a serf. How many locks of hair were you expecting Brian May to dump in the mail for you after reading your garbage? Newsflash: it was a wig, bro. And Adam Lambert, “not a bad call”? Maybe you were the guy I saw hanging out by the tour van after the show with the Queen + Adam Lambert tour T. You could’ve donated that money to deserving people. Shame on you.

> Avi Weiss

Steve Newton replies: Dearest Avi—You forgot to mention that I called Adam Lambert’s voice “bland”. Actually, I didn’t really do that. I described his voice as “relatively bland” when compared to the instantly recognizable voices of original Queen singer Freddie Mercury and previous Queen frontman Paul Rodgers. But my comment unleashed a torrent of outrage from the hordes of “Glamberts” (Adam Lambert freaks) who don’t appreciate anyone doubting the utter amazingness of their American idol. At last count my review had garnered 97 comments, and only a couple of them were positive. The vast majority described me as “stupid” and “cowardly”, an “idiot”, “wanker”, and “schmuck” who was “tone deaf” or just plain “deaf”. Luckily, after 30-plus years of getting slagged for my opinions on concerts I can take 95 or so insults without too much shame and suffering. But what I can’t take is bozos like you taking ridiculous potshots at genius guitarists like Brian May. The best you can do is say he wears a wig? Christ on a cracker, he could have a fuckin’ rhesus monkey sewed to his scalp for all I care, as long as he keeps on playing the way he did in Vancouver. And what in god’s name were you doing at a Queen show if you don’t like Brian May? You spent all that money on tickets so you could study his hair? Get a life, Nerdlinger.

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Serious - you both didn't deserve to go to that concert. It was freaking awesome. I have no idea what either of your problems was with it. I loved every single minute of it. Brian's flowing grey locks and Adam's awesomeness.

You two have issues - Freddie is dead. GET OVER IT.
Rating: -33
lol the irony
aren't you witty with your "turning the tables" schtick and going all glambert on that guy over brian. just trying to get the glamberts to unleash another onslaught by calling you a hypocrite? lacking in attention are we? lame effort

Rating: -53
How did I miss that 95 comment barrage. I must not have googled Adam Lambert that day. I actually did see the Calgary show and loved it. The music and the atmosphere was so good it stayed in my head for days. Brian May's guitar solo was stupendous. We were on our feet most of the evening singing and cheering. Adam's voice is better live than on cd. He received nothing but thunderous applause from the Calgary crowd. What a great night of Queen classic rock.
Rating: -25
"The vast majority described me as “stupid” and “cowardly”, an “idiot”, “wanker”, and “schmuck” who was “tone deaf” or just plain “deaf”. Luckily, after 30-plus years of getting slagged for my opinions on concerts I can take 95 or so insults without too much shame and suffering."

When so many people are telling you were wrong...................YOU BETTER CHECK YOURSELF WITH A DOCTOR OR WITH SOMEBODY ELSE WHO IS PROVEN TO BE SANE.
Rating: -43
Big Hamm
Well if it's a wig, it's a hell of a good one!
Rating: -28
While I feel Adam Lambert's vocals are an amazing example of vocal acrobatics, I still think after a few songs it's gets tiresome. Maybe Brian May, if he's so almighty great..should start his own band and give Freddie the much needed rest he needs to do it peacefully. It's nothing against Lambert. I just think it's difficult to restore a band when their main member has passed or quit the group. I'd say the same about many other legendary rock bands whose members are gone or left the building.
Rating: -36
Who was the idiot who rated and reviewed this concert? He should be "whipped"!!! I flew from Wisconsin to Las Vegas to see this concert. All members were featured and Adam Lambert's vocals were unparalleled. The respect that all members showed to the late Freddie Mercury was respectful and sentimental. There's a reason why you only received a few positive responses. Anybody who calls Adam Lambert's voice as bland is obviously tone deaf. Have you listened to the radio lately. Same shit, different day. Very few with real vocal talent. We all have opinions, and I think that the Queen + AL concert was the best I have ever seen. Love Brian May's hair and guitar rifs too. Shut up and just let us real fans enjoy our show!!!!
Rating: -38
atta boy!
I'm a Newt Fan.
Rating: -29
There is someone tracking reviews and out of 39, 31 were glowing, 5 were lukewarm (1 of those still complimentary to Adam), and 2 were negative. Brian thought the show in Dallas was the best Queen concert since '86 and that Adam smashed all benchmarks and is a gift from God. And from the hundreds of tweets/comments I've seen from attendees, including Queen die-hards who have now been "converted", these shows have been a rousing success and are set to earn $76 million. After the earnings from these shows, Adam will not have to worry about money. Currently, he's worth $10 million, so he'll be worth much more than that. Not too shabby for someone with a "bland" voice. Let's not forget he has other revenues of income, e.g. earned raved reviews from his acting in Glee and is reported to be having other acting jobs in the pipeline.
Rating: -38
Michael Miles
Without Freddie Mercury Queen is just not the same.
Freddie was a true talented genius.

A true showman
Rating: -40
Pat Crowe
Does this mean one day the super idol flavour of the year will front The KinKs or Van Halen or what have you and all of the little girls and housewives will make it right?
Rating: -28
Ron Y

I see your point, but the favourite groups of our generation(s) are getting on.

If they should decide that retirement is not for them, determine that there is an audience for a live show featuring a percentage of the original members, and cast a super idol to front it, has anyone done wrong? Particular when the show was quite good, as with the Queen + Lambert?

It's not the old thing, and you have every right to opine that it's not as good. To me, Lambert was not a dynamic frontman but I appreciated that he was not trying to be Freddie Mercury, he was "merely" trying to hit the notes (some of the hardest in rock, and which Fred himself could not always do on stage -- see "Live Killers"), because now May and Taylor are the frontmen.

But no, we have to be all fighty and angry.

Poor Steve Steve walks warily down the street, his brim pulled way down low. Ain't no sound but the sound of his feet, machine guns ready to go.
Rating: -36
What show were you at!!??
Maybe you lost your way to one of the best shows on tour today and the
best talent having the most fun as seen and heard by delighted,
exuberant audience reaction and participation!! And might have mentioned his multi octave classically trained voice...Adam Lambert holds a note for 15 seconds
Rating: -23
I am a Queen fan (70's vintage, saw Freddie live many times), passed on the Q+PR concert but was lucky enough to see the Queen + Adam Lambert concert.

>> Sad that I feel obligated to state that I am a Queen fan who actually saw Freddie live, but some many people are posting opinions based on watching DVDs and videos of performances. Not the same.

I thought the Queen + Adam Lambert concert was entertaining and fun. Adam is quite good and they performed Queen music that I love. I did not expect Adam to be a Freddie clone nor would I bother with that. But equally, I did not expect to enjoy Adam's take on this music as much as I enjoyed it.

The one thing I do not agree with is that Adam's voice is "relatively bland". I can understand people who prefer Freddie's voice to Adam's -- they are different. But bland it is not.

Finally, what separates this concert from the other classic rock concerts is Adam and the energy he brings to this show. So, if you love Queen's music and what to see it performed by half of the real band, with guitar as only Brian May can play it, and be entertained by an excellent vocalist, get a ticket to this show. If you want to see a replicant of Freddie performing a karaoke show, find one of the tribute shows and have some fun there. I am not old enough for that yet and hope I never am. I choose to have a bit of newness and something I have never seen before.
Rating: -27
Brian May and Roger Taylor
are just collecting a pay cheque and who can blame them? As for Adam Lambert? His career is already over, he is just that lame. I'm surprised they didn't do that amazing Johnny Cash cover Adam did on some talent show. That was so inventive and creative (eye rolling sarcasm). Somewhere deep inside Brian, he's got to be thinking... 'God, why am I doing this'?!?
Rating: -21
Brian May and Roger Taylor II
Everyone who is posting here compares Freddie to Adam on simply a vocal level. 'Adam sounds better than Freddie, Freddie sound better than Adam'. But what people forget is? Freddie and the rest of Queen actually wrote all those songs together. Adam couldn't write a top 100 song if his life depended on it. The next ice age will come before Adam Lambert writes the next Bohemian Rhapsody.
Rating: -18
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