All star bluesmen play for Kid Ramos


He’s not exactly a household name, except to dedicated fans of the SoCal jump-blues scene, but David “Kid” Ramos has no shortage of friends. And so when the hard-hitting guitarist was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, said friends began organizing benefit concerts around the globe, with the latest taking place at the FanClub (1050 Granville Street), on Thursday (November 22).

Organized by Ramos’s fellow guitarists Steve Kozak and Paul Pigat, the event will raise funds to defray the cost of the Los Angeles resident’s impending surgery and chemotherapy. It’ll also be a chance for local music lovers to sample a who’s who of the Vancouver blues scene, with Kozak and Pigat being joined by two all-star rhythm teams and fellow guitarists Lindsay Mitchell, Curtis DeBray, and Mark Petersen, among many others.

For Pigat, who regularly lights up local stages with his band Cousin Harley, it’s a chance to repay Ramos for the inspiration he’s found in the 53-year-old musician’s “intense and nasty” tone. And it’s also an occasion for sending the ailing performer some positive thoughts.

“He’s a tough guy and he’s in really good shape,” Pigat told the Straight. “So he’s got a fighting chance.”

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Great job Steve, Paul, Arson et al.
Now Blues Supporters of Vancouver get off your duffs and go support the finest blues guitarists in Canada do a real solid for the Kid and his family!
Rating: -1
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