Arrabio at the Astoria Pub


Up here in Canada we’re pretty lucky when it comes to all things Cuban. Unlike those to our immediate south, we get to travel to the home of Fidel Castro anytime we want. Not only that, we can pick up bottles of Havana Club at our local liquor stores for authentic mojitos and drop two months’ wages on a box of Montecristo at the City Cigar Emporium. The relationship enjoyed by Canada and Cuba yields something special this week, when Arrabio plays the Astoria Pub on Friday (October 12). Those wired directly into the Caribbean alt-music underground will recognize Arrabio as a Cuban hardcore band. We’re talking good old-fashioned punk rock, as opposed to that pop-flavoured crap they force-feed you on MTV between Jersey Shore reruns. Local producer Jesse Gander travelled to Cuba earlier this year, recording a full-length with the band as part of a program called Solidarity Rock. Now Arrabio is about to become the first-ever Cuban rock band to tour Canada. Joining them at the Astoria will be Vicious Cycles and Shitty Neighbours. If we’ve got one bit of advice for you, beside that it’s important to remember your ear plugs, it’s this: don’t forget to bring a cigar cutter.

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