Bear Mountain's XO is full of memorable, original songs


XO (Independent)

It’s no surprise that Bear Mountain’s single “Two Step” was already topping the Hype Machine charts of most-blogged music before the band’s full record, XO, was released. The duo’s uplifting vocals, synths, and samples make for an original and powerful sound and catchy songs that stick around long after you hear them.

Bear Mountain began as the bedroom project of local musician Ian Bevis, who is also a member of electro-pop act Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party. Now revolving around Bevis and collaborator Kyle Statham, Bear Mountain released the seven-track debut LP in early August on iTunes and Bandcamp, with offerings like “Sing” and “Congo” providing a similarly addictive soundtrack. With this impressive outing, the Vancouver duo is likely to continue attracting attention in the electronic-music world.

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