Blur's Dave Rowntree offers apologies to Nardwuar the Human Serviette


As endearing as Nardwuar the Human Serviette is to most, some people just don’t gel with the local journo. Blur’s Dave Rowntree was one such dude, famously bullying the interviewer in 2003 on MuchMusic’s Going Coastal. The clip showed the drummer pushing Nardwuar around and stealing his hat, glasses, and interview notes before bailing on the chat. It was despicable. Eight years later, the British musician agrees. Citing the incident in a recent blog as a low point possibly influenced by a former drug problem, Rowntree admits that what he did was uncalled-for. Now a Labour candidate for London and Westminster, Rowntree adds that he keeps the clip on his phone to remind him to stay clean.

“This is definitely one of the things I’m ashamed of,” he wrote. “To be clear, Nardwuar didn’t do anything to provoke me. I sent an apology to him the next day, but I didn’t hear anything back from him, so I assume he didn’t accept it.”

Nardwuar doesn’t remember receiving an apology, but he’s thrilled to get one now. “I was honoured,” Nardwuar told the Straight. “It’s so nice of him. I also love the fact that he said that he keeps it on his cell phone. I love the fact that someone is using my interview for motivational purposes.”

Now if only we could get Sebastian Bach to return Nardwuar’s toque.

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Nardwuar for President.
Nardwuar's such a charming guy. His acceptance of the belated apology is great. But I'm wondering why this joker held on to the incident for 8 years. Does the guy have a massive Catholic guilt complex, or is this a measure of Nardwuar's might in the world of roll and rock? It's weird to apologize for something you did 8 years ago, especially as infantile as this.
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Maybe he's going through the 12 step program?
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He's a politician, and this is probably a preemptive strike. If he didn't bring it up, somebody else would.
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I don't know. I didn't read it that way. It's true, I found the whole thing amusing when I saw a clip of it a Nardwuar presentation at CiTR, a few years ago. I didn't get the impression Nardwuar presented it as "poor me!" (maybe a bit) but more as entertaining amusement. Not everyone takes to Nardwuar's 'style' in a positive fashion. Meant to be in your face and some/most roll with it, but not all. (I like his style myself and find it quite entertaining. The intelligent aspect awes me.)

When I read this article I felt sympathy. Or maybe sympathy to myself! (kidding) As someone who recently made quite an ass out of myself at a quite important event, partly due to drinking way, way too much (maybe to assuage nerves and maybe some uncomfortable feelings) I relate to the inspiration and reminder from that to curtail these habits in the future.

I don't know. The political angle is probably a bit true.
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wow even Nardwar could beat up that wanker

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