Bummer High and The High Drops' split 7-inch features unvarnished rock 'n' roll


Bummer High/The High Drops
“Don’t Let It Happen to You”/ “Part of the Brigade” (Student Loan)

It’s rumoured that “Don’t Let It Happen to You” is the last song Vancouver garage-rock outfit Bummer High will release. If the gossip is true, then the band is going to go out looking smart. In its split 7-inch with friends and fellow garage-rockers the High Drops, Bummer High’s “Don’t Let It Happen to You” feels smooth, like a dose of Dilaudid. Laying a foundation with a flowing bass line and simple yet effective drums, the guitars play around on top with a ’70s California tinge. With the mid-song organ break, Bummer High pushes the listener back and forth in a therapeutic, dazed-out way.

Flip the record and you’ll find the High Drops single “Part of the Brigade”. Equally as jangly and dazed as Bummer High, the High Drops play with changes like the Beatles and implement haunting boy-girl vocals on the choruses. Singer Alexi Baris and drummer Jen Smyth carry the harmonies to create something while Mitch Charron’s guitar work adds to a track that’s short but perfectly relaxing.

Haunting yet melodic, both bands have channelled exactly what they tried to achieve: straight-up rock ’n’ roll.

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