Chris Walter helps celebrate Sam Sutherland's Perfect Youth: The Birth of Canadian Punk


To commemorate the publication of his book Perfect Youth: The Birth of Canadian Punk, author and former Exclaim! contributor-editor Sam Sutherland is hosting an interactive interview on Monday (October 8) with a few local scoundrels. Onetime Modernette John Armstrong (no slouch himself behind a keyboard) will join author and recent SNFU biographer Chris Walter, along with the Diodes’ Paul Robinson and Chris Barry from Montreal’s 222s, for the event.

As the world’s greatest living authority on the Winnipeg punk scene, Walter—these days firmly planted in Vancouver—fed Sutherland a lot of useful information for the book. He’s a little less expert on what Tuesday’s deal is all about. “I don’t really have a clue,” he told the Straight. “Sam set this thing up. We’re gonna do a test run to see if it works. He’s doing it to promote his book, but, you know, it’s good for me because it’ll promote my shit, right? I can’t lose on this one!”

Asked if he’s nervous about appearing before an online audience predicted to run from several hundred thousand people to no one, Walter said, “Why would I be nervous? No. I‘m not a very good public speaker, and I’m not a comedian, and I often fuck up when I have to do a reading, but I don’t get nervous. I just get up there and blunder my way through it.”

You can join the discussion at the Perfect Youth Facebook page.

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A. MacInnis
Heh. How soon I forget he's written books: here I was, trying to remember when and where I might've seen John Armstrong play keyboards... took me a full minute to figure it out...
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