The Commodore proved to be a safe sanctuary from all the vomiting stabbers, as a good-looking crowd came out for a competition much more engaging than the one taking place in the skies over English Bay.
Somewhere nearby, deadmau5 is cackling, while having sex with a woman far more attractive than you’ll ever bag, on a giant pile of money.
Chance the Rapper steals the show on a day where everything ran smoothly
Blondie a surprise hit, while Kendrick Lamar proves worth the wait
Made in America finds veteran director Ron Howard, in his first nonfiction venture, running around the same-named event, with backstage forays and other side trips.
An eclectic crowd makes the most of a great musical smorgasbord
Like a breathy goodnight after a long, beautiful fuck.
The songs sounded full and massive, and the visual aspect of the show was equally epic in proportion.
It’s Monday morning and I have a jazz hangover, despite having consumed nothing more noxious than Perrier and some ill-advised food-truck chicken.
The post-postmodern men of Devo have been pointing out society’s regression for 40 years now.