This is what rock ’n’ roll is all about.
If the overwhelmingly teenage crowd that turned up at the Vogue is any indication, those who like this music like it a lot.
Over the course of 17 distinct sets crammed into four-and-a-half hours, it became obvious that there was as much talent as there was love here at the epicentre of Metro Vancouver’s alt-country and folk-music scene.
If Deafheaven taught Vancouver a lesson during its first-ever visit to these parts, it’s that sometimes nothing prepares an audience for pure blinding brilliance.
If his wardrobe was a conscious evocation of Jackson or Presley or some other dead pop icon, it wasn't entirely unjustified.
Once a cover band, always a cover band.
Mötley Crüe performed its final show in Vancouver last night. Or so the story goes.
In promotional materials, FKA twigs has a tendency to make herself look like something other than human.
It all started, as most nights shouldn’t, with a groan-inducing gag request for “Free Bird”.