Considering that many attendees had run 21 kilometres earlier in the day, can you blame them for wanting to head home a little early?
There was one reason why the former host of MuchMusic’s The Wedge was especially excited to be in Vancouver: our marijuana.
Steve Winwood's opening set was a winner as well.
Slim Shady the undeniable highlight of festival's idyllic final day.
artRave tour features more than plastic eye-candy
Our endless summer's biggest festival separates the hard-core from the lightweights
But Rod the Mod can still kick a ball into the nosebleeds.
The Commodore proved to be a safe sanctuary from all the vomiting stabbers, as a good-looking crowd came out for a competition much more engaging than the one taking place in the skies over English Bay.
Somewhere nearby, deadmau5 is cackling, while having sex with a woman far more attractive than you’ll ever bag, on a giant pile of money.