Over the course of 17 distinct sets crammed into four-and-a-half hours, it became obvious that there was as much talent as there was love here at the epicentre of Metro Vancouver’s alt-country and folk-music scene.
If Deafheaven taught Vancouver a lesson during its first-ever visit to these parts, it’s that sometimes nothing prepares an audience for pure blinding brilliance.
If his wardrobe was a conscious evocation of Jackson or Presley or some other dead pop icon, it wasn't entirely unjustified.
Once a cover band, always a cover band.
Mötley Crüe performed its final show in Vancouver last night. Or so the story goes.
In promotional materials, FKA twigs has a tendency to make herself look like something other than human.
It all started, as most nights shouldn’t, with a groan-inducing gag request for “Free Bird”.
The world is a grim and horrible place these days, this somehow seeming extra true last Saturday night, when all that was missing from the streets of downtown Vancouver was an ark piloted by no less than Noah himself.
You think the mean streets of Kerrisdale are bad-ass?