D Trevlon Band's Man of Investigation is easy to love


D Trevlon Band
Man of Investigation (Offseason)

For a man who likes a drink, and then another one, D Trevlon’s music is anything but indulgent. The melodies on any of the eight tracks here are effectively simple, augmented—with the exception of the odd woolly solo, as on “Headin’ Home” or the great “Operator”—by little more than some crisp guitar, bass, and the playful drumming of Stephen Lyons. It’s easy to love even without Trevlon’s strongest feature: his almost stately voice, which he dials down to an easy croon while his bandmates do calisthenics all over the urgent title track.

On the Richard Hawley–by-way-of-Tindersticks “On a Mountain”, Trevlon caresses his lyrics with the careful enunciation of a grown-up choirboy. Elsewhere, his vocals float above a weird mingling of postpunk Britannia with American rock ’n’ jangle, as if Ian McCulloch had collaborated with the Dream Syndicate. It’s something that might sound familiar to fans of the Buttless Chaps on tracks like “Picture Perfect Sunset”, and that’s no bad thing. Further props to guitarist Johnny Wildkat for his work on “See It in Your Eyes”, which sounds like an even split between Mark Knopfler and David Gilmour, but in your basement after they’ve both swilled a bottle or two of NyQuil. The three-piece throws a release party for Man of Investigation at the Railway Club, on Friday (December 21).

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