Deadmau5 at B.C. Place


Joel Zimmerman certainly knows how to do things with a bang, doesn’t he? Remember how, back in 2008, he started a shitshow of controversy when he proudly declared all DJs to be nothing but a bunch of “fucking cunts”. Or how, earlier this year, he suggested that driving a car or brushing one’s teeth is more challenging than playing live, going on to offer that all he does is hit the stage and stab Play on his computer. It should surprise no one, then, that the rodent head–sporting artist formally known as deadmau5 is helping Vancouver celebrate Boxing Day in epic style. Proving that this really has been the year of EDM, dude is headlining B.C. Place on Wednesday (December 26). That’s right: that football/soccer arena that holds upward of 60,000 people. Oh, yeah, and he’s also proposed to Kat Von D on Twitter. And that, folks, is doing things with a bang.

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