Folk Fest

Two Vancouver acts will no doubt remember this year’s folk festival for years to come.
Two of the festival’s most musically satisfying sets were delivered by solo acts, both at the intimate Stage 1.
Having played to about 28 million people during the 2014 Grammy Awards telecast, Mary Lambert isn’t exactly an unknown.
The Great Lake Swimmers’ performances at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival this weekend launched a two-week tour stint that has the group right in their element.
As part of our Vancouver Folk Fest coverage, read about rising star Mary Lambert, who is doing great today but had a very painful past.
If you don’t know Italian—or Italian history—you could be forgiven for thinking that Riccardo Tesi & Banditaliana’s new release, Maggio, is simply very pretty music.
Seattle poet and singer-songwriter Mary Lambert wants her upcoming album to be a piece of healing art.
For a true sense of the diversity of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival’s programming, take a listen to Geomungo Factory’s latest release.
It’s fair to say that Donald Trump is not a fan of singer-songwriter Karine Polwart.
Almost the first thing Joan Baez says, when the Georgia Straight tracks her down in Denver, Colorado, is that she hasn’t written a song “for over 20 years”.