Former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock spins the hits at the Waldorf


It’s always an occasion when a Sex Pistol comes to town. Waldorf Hotel creative coordinator Danny Fazio remembers being in the front row for an Edwyn Collins show at the Starfish Room back in the mid ’90s, largely because he brought original Pistols drummer Paul Cook along with him.

“I met him outside,” Fazio told the Straight. “And you know what it’s like meeting someone you admire and how scary it is because there’s always the chance they’re going to be a complete asshole? Paul Cook was the nicest fucking guy, ever.”

We tell you this as the preamble to Glen Matlock’s appearance tonight (October 18) at the Waldorf—“It’s my second Sex Pistol,” said Fazio—where the man who wasn’t Sid Vicious but who was the cowriter of “God Save the Queen” among other numbers will host a DJ set. Fazio said we should expect “probably a lot of the music he listened to growing up; rock ‘n’ roll, soul, Kinks, Faces, that kind of stuff”. In other words, the Waldorf will be transformed into a West London youth club circa 1974. “Exactly,” affirmed Fazio. We recommend lots of cheap cider.

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