Georgia Straight's music critics pick the records that ruled in 2012

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Some people do still listen to whole albums, namely the Georgia Straight’s ever-opinionated music critics. Check out their picks for the best albums of 2012 below.

Top 10 albums of 2012: Adrian Mack
Farewell, indie rock (please).
Top 10 albums of 2012: Alex Hudson
Much of my 2012 consisted of my best friend making fun of me for being a hipster thanks to my interest in local DIY cassettes. 
Top 10 albums of 2012: Gregory Adams
The top two artists on my list this year are mix-tape graduates.
Top 10 albums of 2012: Mike Usinger
Even though no one listens to albums anymore, the following standouts make a great argument that we should. 
Top 10 albums of 2012: John Lucas
I honestly did not go out of my way to compile a stupidly eclectic list this year. 
Top 10 albums of 2012: Steve Newton
Sorry, I'm just not into the Gangnam style.
Top 10 albums of 2012: Vivian Pencz
This was a strange year for music. 
Top 10 albums of 2012: Alexander Varty
I should have a better idea of 2012’s top discs sometime toward the end of February.
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Dec 18, 2012 at 9:37am

what about the killers

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