Jazz Fest

Hancock continues to expand his musical and personal horizons, thanks to his deep curiosity about life and his empathetic interest in others.
A pair of Neil Young sightings enlivened the jazz festival’s first weekend, even if the Canadian rock icon was present only in spirit.
Born into a musical family in Seoul, South Korea, the 43-year-old musician is now something of a star in Europe, but the road that got her there was not without its twists and turns.
Listeners looking to assemble a jazz-guitar starter kit may want to visit local musician Bill Coon’s website.
On paper, the pairing of saxophone innovator David Murray and soul hitmaker Macy Gray is both intriguing and decidedly odd—and in practice, it’s much the same.
Every edition of the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival seems to include at least one “What the hell was that?” moment.
Dr. John’s reputation has in many ways been built on being inarguably out-there
When it came time to record their third full-length, Constellation, the members of Halifax’s Gypsophilia felt that Montreal’s Hotel2Tango studio had it all.
New Yorker Gregory Porter may only have two albums under his belt, but he’s already got a strong fan base in the U.K.
“If I didn’t grow up there I wouldn’t have the keys to this album,” says Pine.