Jim Foster pilots his own craft on A Sailor's Advice


A Sailor’s Advice (Quest)

The hook on this more-than-amiable CD is in its subtitle, iPhone Demos Vol. 1. The album’s seven folk- and blues-based originals were recorded live, in glorious monophonic sound, with just Foster’s voice and his acoustic six- or 12-string guitars straight into a surprisingly sensitive audio program. He then added some reverb and stereo imaging to slightly spooky effect. You can even hear him drinking a beer between cuts.

Beyond all that, the songs stand up as, you know, songs, with Foster’s gruff, somewhat limited voice carrying the earthy authority of a Mark Knopfler or a Jesse Winchester. There is a nautical bent to things, with the emphasis on roving in general. (Sample tip from the title tune: “Don’t order sushi in Denver”.)

Foster, whose last outing, two years ago, was a full-band rock record, has been best known over the decades for writing songs for or with such Canadiana types as Patricia Conroy, Murray McLauchlan, and Doug and the Slugs. A Sailor’s Advice finds him piloting his own craft in a relaxed and very convincing manner.

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duffrey sigurdson
I've had the pleasure of listening to Jim since is early days with fosterchild and I have to say it just keeps getting better and better this is well worth listening to
Rating: +1
Michell wright
Jim you rock!!! Love the shades, especially love the music
Rating: 0
Gerry Wand (Wando)
Hole In The Ocean Has A Place In My Heart.
Rating: -2
Francesco Valenti & the gang from Renzullo food market
I love it Jim! Your a true gem my friend.... & your music truly proves it!!! Keep rockin
Rating: -3
Simon F
Hey Jim,
Had a chance to hear you and chat a couple of weeks ago in van. Very cool to hear some names long forgotten the refinery Wow! The cd you gave me is awesome great stuff. Cheers
Rating: 0
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