Local Motion

Colleen Rennison isn’t the kind of girl you’d think would identify herself as a loser.
The songs on the “well-mannered rock” band’s long-awaited first album are rife with fluid imagery.
Some of the tightest, smoothest, sexiest soul and funk produced in the city right now comes courtesy of six guys who all grew up within a few blocks of each other on Vancouver’s East Side.
Neelamjit Dhillon and Michael Blake have very different reasons for exploring a shameful chapter in Vancouver’s history.
Hatch Benedict saw the future, and it was grim. Then he stopped looking.
It’s not all folk traditions with Petunia, however.
A free and eclectic artistic environment is the key to the band's success.
Thee AHs are forever destined to be filed in the pop-rock section of record stores, but the local four-piece has a better term to describe its sound.
Sound sculptor Lee Hutzulak laughs and offers an unusually pithy assessment: “There’s some density there.”
“People are tired of going to dirt bars. Granville Street is going to be the new dirt bar.”