Local Motion

The four members of Real Ponchos grew up in Vancouver, but their hearts belong in the country.
The band’s sing-along anthems draw on a steady diet of vintage British street punk like the Cockney Rejects, Cock Sparrer, and Sham 69 while displaying a working-class consciousness that goes with the territory.
Last Run is an ominous title, suggesting that it might be the Rebel Spell’s final stab at saving the world.
Cary Pratt is a little bit behind the times.
As MGH!, Jason Sulyma has been playing the party circuit around town for over a decade.
The Chinese Democracy of B.C. punk rock has arrived.
You can forgive Courtneys drummer-singer Jen Twynn Payne if she wants to lie around the house for the next little while.
Colleen Rennison isn’t the kind of girl you’d think would identify herself as a loser.
The songs on the “well-mannered rock” band’s long-awaited first album are rife with fluid imagery.
Some of the tightest, smoothest, sexiest soul and funk produced in the city right now comes courtesy of six guys who all grew up within a few blocks of each other on Vancouver’s East Side.