Local Motion

“If there was a test about how to succeed in the music industry, we’d probably fail every question,” confesses Reef Shark drummer Garth Covernton.
The Vancouver band’s accomplished self-titled debut album was six years in the making.
The book lovingly captures close to 85 years worth of history that’s taken place at 868 Granville.
Strolling along beaches has apparently done wonders for Scott Morgan.
The great R&B guitarist Mabon Lewis “Teenie” Hodges passed away in June of this year, but it’s obvious that he’s still very much alive for local singer-songwriter Frazey Ford.
Jett Pace acknowledges that the name Old Man Canyon might not paint the most accurate picture of what he’s doing as an artist.
It now looks like their work is going to see a renaissance, thanks to a new Light in the Attic compilation named Native North America, Vol. 1.
The four members of Real Ponchos grew up in Vancouver, but their hearts belong in the country.
The band’s sing-along anthems draw on a steady diet of vintage British street punk like the Cockney Rejects, Cock Sparrer, and Sham 69 while displaying a working-class consciousness that goes with the territory.
Last Run is an ominous title, suggesting that it might be the Rebel Spell’s final stab at saving the world.