Local Motion

Sound sculptor Lee Hutzulak laughs and offers an unusually pithy assessment: “There’s some density there.”
“People are tired of going to dirt bars. Granville Street is going to be the new dirt bar.”
omewhere along the line Dawson’s travel plans took a hard turn south, and so far that’s been a very good move.
The longer you talk with Chris Arnett, the more your perceptions of him get blown.
Despite Sprïng’s advanced training, the members haven’t always flaunted their musical proficiency.
Fans of Kyd’s growling vocals for Fuel Injected .45 might be surprised to hear her voice in the context of Entangle’s trip-hoppy torch songs.
Quinn Bachand is one of those musicians so precociously talented it doesn’t seem fair to others.
It’s a good thing Christmas comes but once a year.
Brendan McLeod and Adrian Glynn have dropped the spoken word and hip-hop in favour of a grand, anthemic folk sound.
One thing we can say for sure about Of:NOW Goes Graphic is that audience members are going to be left in the dark. But there’s no reason to worry: they’ll have flashlights.