In Medias Res shows its unflappable spirit on It Was Warm and Sunny When We First Set Out


In Medias Res
It Was Warm and Sunny When We First Set Out (Independent)

If you’ve clocked any time in the local music scene, In Medias Res is a name you’re familiar with. For over a decade now, the Vancouver indie rockers have been orchestrating their breakout moment, and with the release of It Was Warm and Sunny When We First Set Out, they seem poised to take the spotlight. Listen closely enough and you can hear those years of determination echoed in the anthemic call to arms that is “This Could Be the One”. Elsewhere, you’ll find this unflappable spirit driving the bewitching melodies of “Tonight I Am New” and rattling rib cages on “The Final Flight of the Bees”.

There is a confidence here that’s owed to the quartet’s considerable lifespan. While some excitable upstart might dream of producing a similarly polished effort, the cohesion of this seasoned crew only comes with time. Though the winning ticket has eluded In Medias Res for nearly 10 years, in that time, the group has homed in on a sound compelling enough to capture the imagination of those beyond our cityscape.

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these guys are amazing.
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