Metalheads will be pleased with Auroch's From Forgotten Worlds


From Forgotten Worlds (Hellthrasher Productions)

From the title track’s opening lyric—the declamation that “great portals open”, delivered in a barking gurgle—to the last lyrics of “Tundra Moon”, which invoke Nyarlathotep, one of Camp Cthulhu’s outer deities, From Forgotten Worlds is steeped in the apocalyptic occultism of H. P. Lovecraft. The band even declares itself “a tongue of Yog-Sothoth” amid insanely fast drum whir and deranged, interlocking solos from guitarists Paul Ouzounov and Sebastian Montesi.

Montesi doubles on bass duties and takes over vocals from Cuillen Sander on this release. The band is two members smaller than the five-piece that recorded 2010’s Stranger Aeons and has replaced drummer Sol Kauffman with one Zack Chandler, but, has seemingly weathered things well. It’s not easy to differentiate From Forgotten Worlds from, say, obvious death-metal inspirations like Morbid Angel. And the album could have used a bit more of the creepy, storm-cloud–like atmospherics that open “Talisman for Total Temporal Collapse”, since there’s something a bit, well, unremitting about the disc as it stands. Still, Auroch is obviously committed, its members shred like they have tentacles, and they make one hell of a good T-shirt. As a result, Ancient Ones (and Vancouver metalheads) will be pleased.

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