Music Choices

As fans of top-drawer ska know, both bands might have come together in America, but their spiritual homeland is Jamaica.
The Vancouver quartet not only plays classic surf music in the model of the Ventures and Dick Dale, but does so with a twist of old-fashioned showmanship.
Here’s how you know it’s true love.
There’s something clever about giving an album the title Minimum Rock N Roll, but in Chain & the Gang’s case, it’s more than just an amusing conceit.
Move on those tickets now, because the alternative is standing out in the cold for three hours before finally giving up and trying till dawn to hail a nonexistent cab.
Don’t worry, we’re not about to tell you that you have to go to yet another Christmas party.
There hasn’t been a rap act to inspire as many chin-stroking think pieces about “what it all means” since Die Antwoord went viral with “Enter the Ninja” in 2010.
It can’t be easy being a member of the Canadian rock trio that has the misfortune of having called itself the Tea Party.
Let no one suggest that Deafheaven is a band that fails to live up to its name
There’s nothing we love more than a good party.