Music Choices

You don’t have to be a member of Oregon-based bluegrass shit-kickers to know that drinking is a God-given right.
The first edition of the Cuban Music Festival promises four nights of hot dance rhythms from the heart of the Caribbean.
Not to sound sacrilegious, but if we were compiling the set list for Nas’s headlining show, there’s no question what Vancouver would be hearing first.
Kangol hats off to Jungle, and not just because the project’s self-titled debut has been shortlisted for this year’s Mercury Prize.
Some people sure have a lot to say.
You like to dance, right?
Should you find yourself front and centre at the show, there’s going to be a price to pay: broken bones, chipped teeth, the shredding of all clothing on your person, and goodbye cup of Guinness.
Props to Die Antwoord for coming out of nowhere and playing the kind of 4,000-seat venue normally reserved for platinum-selling artists.
Anaïs Mitchell may not be a familiar name here, but across the pond the Vermont-based singer-songwriter is considered new folk royalty.
Who wore it better? You be the judge.