Music Choices

Oh, man. Don’t know about you, but Halloween can’t come soon enough for some of us.
The answer is none. None more times.
Artists often try to avoid hitting a creative rut by reinventing themselves, but few do it quite as thoroughly as Wye Oak.
See you there! We’ll be the ones hanging the giant “Peter who?” banner from the balcony.
That’s solid German engineering for you.
The awesomely named Aaron Funk has been making music—a lot of it—as Venetian Snares since the ’90s.
Chances are you know him best as the impeccably cheekboned former frontman for Bauhaus.
Unless you’re the type of ignoramus who would tweet something like “Who the fuck is Bonnie Bear?”, you probably know Sean Carey.
Discover the best bands of tomorrow at the five-day musical blowout in Gastown.
Alex Cuba has a mind as sharp as the pointed whiskers he sports with his Afro.