Music Features

Goth-influenced Italian metal band Lacuna Coil has never shied away from “the darker side”.
The artist also known as “the Jimi Hendrix of the bagpipes” remains the most highly touted exponent of Galician music.
For his current North American tour, Keita has gone rootsier, and is accompanied by an acoustic outfit.
There is no shortage of shitbags on Negative Qualities, the ferocious debut album from punk agitators Single Mothers.
Given that he’s on the verge of what he calls “a significant birthday”, George Cables can be forgiven for reminiscing.
Nightmares and insomnia inspired Kandle Osborne’s beautifully smouldering debut album, In Flames
Let’s go ahead and call it a comeback.
As Lateef the Truthspeaker tells it, his Latyrx reunion with fellow Bay Area rap veteran Lyrics Born was foretold by the stars themselves.
With In Conflict, Owen Pallett set out to remove the quotation marks from around his words.
In this polyglot, multitribal era of pop-culture whiz kids, many people draw on various traditions to make new musical stews.