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With the addition of Sam and his bandmates to the 2014 roster, Taiwanfest presents us with a perfect example of putting out the fire with gasoline.
Taiwanfest takes place at various venues on August 30 and 31 and September 1.
The Vancouver band’s latest album, Animals, draws inspiration from classic rock and Andrew Lloyd Webber.
The best way to get a handle on how Joyce Manor approaches its records is to listen to singer Barry Johnson ruminate on what makes a lasting friendship.
In an ideal world, Dakhabrakha would be just another ethno-fusion band, although an exceptionally skilled, phot
Dave Portner has been thinking about striking another goal off his do-before-you-die list.
Not many improvising musicians show up for the gig in spandex, but Taylor Ho Bynum is an exception.
Surfing will have to wait until the Rosebuds are off the road.
There’s no point coming back from the dead if your sole motivation is a paycheque.
Lara Meyerratken acknowledges that she’s something of a late bloomer on the solo front.