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This doc is the best way to get a perspective on the record’s importance.
Sometimes it takes a while for everything to come together, as it has for Portland’s Red Fang.
Chris Smither grew up in New Orleans in the 1950s, when there were still fruit and vegetable peddlers walking the streets and yelling the names of their wares as they passed.
Japan’s Naoko Sakata found her voice in Sweden before landing in Vancouver for her monthlong residency.
Newtonian physics is one of the topics that went undiscussed in the Georgia Straight’s brief but wide-ranging chat with Thurston Moore.
Early-morning interviews can be difficult, especially when the interviewer has spent the night wrestling with insomnia.
Nobody left short of amazed when the Sonics played the Rickshaw Theatre last year.
Although the average tourist could be excused for thinking that Whistler is an oddly mountainous suburb of Sydney or Melbourne, that’s never going to be said of Mon­treal.
Those familiar with Old Crow’s past are aware that its members have been known to fire up the still themselves.
The subject comes up repeatedly during this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival.