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Before the Celtic tide swept North America in the ’90s in the wake of the Riverdance spectacular, a group of musicians around Sligo, on Ireland’s northwest coast, came together to form Dervish.
Now that he’s seen Babylon burning and nearly gotten scorched, Mark Marczyk's happier with the community-building possibilities of a good party
Jack Cleverly seems to have a lot to say.
With Gainesville’s Hundred Waters, the Sunshine State has finally given kids a reason to stop wishing they were growing up somewhere cooler.
Some Ember’s dark electronica draws inspiration from “one of the most beautiful places on Earth”.
We've got the goods on a few of the spectacular acts heading to this year's Pemberton Music Festival.
Doing things her own way has worked out just fine so far.
As far as alchemical transformations go, what Gord Downie and the Sadies have accomplished with Gord Downie, the Sadies, and the Conquering Sun isn’t quite as startling as turning lead into gold.
If you’ve ever wondered what the music industry will look like when the millennials take over, look no further than GRiZ.
Daniel Lanois’s name comes first on the bill, and the Canadian guitarist and producer’s fuzzed-out Les Paul will be stoking the boilers when Hallelujah Train plays the Pemberton Music Festival this week.