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Anything involving the Icelandic singer tends to be immersive—you sometimes surrender to her whims more than you enjoy them—and that’s doubly true of this concert.
With Nick Cave, it’s often the unsavoury stuff that gets all the attention.
Tennis was never intended for mass consumption.
With new album Luminous, Britain’s Horrors dropped the protopunk and indulged their love of vintage electronica.
The guitarist, singer, and songwriter Afie Jurvanen has been wrestling with the stage moniker Bahamas for about five years—roughly the length of his recording career.
Joe Lovano's new venture with trumpet innovator Dave Douglas will appeal to traditionalists and avant-gardists alike.
There’s a strong case to be made that Robert Francis isn’t the kind to turn tail and slink away after things have gotten a little hairy.
Guitarist Aram Bajakian could have taken Vancouver by storm.
A lot of things have changed in jazz over the past 50 years, not the least being that the music is now taught in schools all over the world.
There are two assets that every bona fide gang needs: an attitude that says it’s us versus the world, and a ride-till-you-die bond that’s thicker than thieves.