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Local musicians share their favourite outdoor-festival experiences and tell us who they’re stoked to see.
Hip-hop artists sometimes get a bad rap—pun intended!—for profanity-laden lyrics, but Shad is an exception to the stereotype.
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You know who likes to drink? Musicians, that’s who.
Difficult as it is to fathom today, there was a time when the Internet didn’t rule the lives of everyone on planet Earth.
Before the Celtic tide swept North America in the ’90s in the wake of the Riverdance spectacular, a group of musicians around Sligo, on Ireland’s northwest coast, came together to form Dervish.
Now that he’s seen Babylon burning and nearly gotten scorched, Mark Marczyk's happier with the community-building possibilities of a good party
Jack Cleverly seems to have a lot to say.
With Gainesville’s Hundred Waters, the Sunshine State has finally given kids a reason to stop wishing they were growing up somewhere cooler.