Music Features

This year’s Christmas crop includes a notoriously raunchy performer keeping it clean, and more Swedes than usual.
Sometimes life is about survival, and it takes all your effort just to put one foot in front of the other. But, thankfully, there are other times when life is a joy.
A humanitarian says if you can't get a life, why not save one?
Our usual gang of idiots tells you what you should have been listening to this past year.
This was a good year for music for me.
War on Drugs suck my cock; Mac DeMarco suck my cock; FKA twigs suck my cock; Vancouver drivers suck my cock...
While people were griping on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder, and every other social-media platform about how the new U2 “infected” their iTunes account, I slapped some earbuds into the bottom of my phone and spent time with the albums I liked.
This year, the ladies especially killed it—and I’m not talking Iggy and Charli.
I’d sooner roll around in a pile of ticks that are covered in influenza-tainted bat guano than waste my spare time scouring the Internet for the next big thing in music.
Here are my favourites, in alphabetical order…