Music Notes

Some people take being a rock ‘n’ roll front man a little too much to heart.
Nas himself is more unpredictably ahead of the curve.
“I just Googled ‘male models jazz musicians’ and got all these good-looking guys and put our names beside them.”
Proceeds from this year’s Music Therapy Ride will ensure that another Bandwagon can soon hit the road.
The yearlong program launched earlier this month, putting out the call for local revamps of ’70s and ’80s classics.
Music therapist Carol Wiedemann spends much of her time at the B.C. Children’s Hospital working with patients in the intensive-care unit and the burn program.
Vancouver is losing a couple of its busiest garage rockers.
Turns out there’s a new Exile on Main Street.
Natasha Lands' ideal party involves a Sega Dreamcast, which means you now have an opportunity to play with one.
Vancouver scuzz-punk crew Nü Sensae used to maintain an insane performance schedule, but the band has announced