Music Notes

It actually began with Avery thinking about this year’s Super Bowl.
There will be plenty of jazz in the annual event’s other big-ticket concerts.
“Basically, I go there and play whatever I want,” Farwell told the Straight.
Spirit of the West joins Bryan Adams, Michael Bublé, and Sarah McLachlan in getting its own star on Granville Street’s “Star Walk on Theatre Row”.
White Lung’s steady rise to the top of the punk heap continues.
Dan Mangan already has a record deal with Toronto’s Arts & Crafts, but now he’s running a label of his very own.
Ryan McCormick is hoping that revamped B.C. liquor policies will translate to good news for the all-ages music scene.
The Fox Cabaret on Main Street is set to open its doors this weekend.
With the Commodore turning 85 next year, Chapman knows it’s “a bit like the local music history equivalent of climbing Kilimanjaro”.
The move has him working in the live music division.