Music Notes

Vancouver is losing a couple of its busiest garage rockers.
Turns out there’s a new Exile on Main Street.
Natasha Lands' ideal party involves a Sega Dreamcast, which means you now have an opportunity to play with one.
Vancouver scuzz-punk crew Nü Sensae used to maintain an insane performance schedule, but the band has announced
The operators of a new venue on Columbia Street say the space is going to feature “99 percent local programming”.
A popular Vancouver nightclub owned by Blueprint will close this fall to make way for a new late-night venue.
The 2014 Squamish Valley Music Festival is all grown-up now.
The Vancouver-based singer-songwriter is a huge star in Asia, but in Canada and the U.S., she's still relatively unknown.
This November, environmentalist David Suzuki will share a Vancouver stage with singer-songwriter Neil Young.
Founder Adam Rayburn was eager to explain that he’s really “not as big a douche” as he might sound, having named the event after himself.