Nicholas Krgovich’s Real Life EP is a mixed bag


Nicholas Krgovich 
Real Life (Independent)

Last summer, P:ano/No Kids alum Nicholas Krgovich headed over to Europe to tour with L.A. gauze-pop player Nite Jewel, but before he left he gathered up a bunch of covers he had recorded and put them on a CD-R release titled Real Life. In case you skipped out on an overseas shopping trip to pick up the limited-edition disc, fret not: Krgovich is now offering the eight-song affair as an online freebie.

What you get is an assortment of Krgovich’s favourite tunes from the likes of Neil Young and Tracy Chapman, delivered as bedroom-geared R & B romps. A tweaked-up “Constant Craving” stands out from the collection with its multilayered and pitch-shifted vocal harmonies and ethereal music-box melodies, and plays more like a sparse Weeknd cut than the adult-contemporary vibe of k.d. lang’s accordion-assisted hit. Oddly enough, the stellar interpretation of indie-folkster Karl Blau’s “Golden Chariot” pulls a 180 and gets whisked away into a Sade-style wonderland of conga hits, saucy falsetto vocals, and smooth jazz.

The solo artist can’t quite recapture the magic of Frank Ocean’s signature single “Thinkin Bout You”, though. Despite some boot-spur percussion clinks, ’90s-pop synth blasts, and Nite Jewel’s soft vocals on the hook, the otherwise straight-up redo lies limp compared with the intoxicating sensuality of the original ballad.

On the whole, it’s a solid EP, but just like real life itself, Krgovich’s freelease has its ups and downs.

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