This week's highly subjective playlist is a sticky sweet love note to some of Squamish fest's best acts.
We totally ignored Morrissey's new single in favour of Miley-fucking-Cyrus in this week's highly subjective playlist.
Cum stain. Big nuts. Yes, we are keeping it excessively classy in this week's highly subjective playlist.
Love slow-building postrock, but entirely done with those humourless twats from Godspeed You! Black Emperor? Has this week's highly subjective playlist ever got a song for you.
We don't want to panic you or anything, but, holy shit, the playlist is back!
Hey hey, ho ho, instant playlist, let's go!
A sack full of Christmas songs in case you haven't heard them enough at the mall.
David Lynch is all over this week's highly subjective playlist, which is never a bad thing.
In this week's instant playlist, we are rejoicing the return of the instant playlist—and we hope you are, too.
Blah blah blah playlist. Blah blah blah listen. Blah blah blah backpain.