Pop Eye

While it was Nirvana’s night, it was the women who stole the show.
As full-blown shit fits go, not only was it one of the most pussylike in the history of pop music, it also drove home the fact that Canadians are truly pathetic doormats.
Next week you might be able to place a bet on whether or not you’ll see a musician’s penis.
Of all Kanye West’s myriad personality flaws and tics, his biggest one might be this: the dude can’t accept the fact he’s a flaming asshole.
It wasn’t the kind of thing anyone wanted to hear from the self-proclaimed Prince of Darkness.
The hotter the weather, the more you want to fuck anything that moves.
Heading out to the Squamish Valley Music Festival? It might be prudent to ask yourself one questions before you do.
Here’s the thing: One Direction is actually quite incredible.
The festival builds on a renegade musical tradition that can be traced back to the heyday of punk rock.
It was a total dick move on Prince’s part, but you know what? Prince is a total dick.