Piggy has had an unfortunate run of things.
Adrian Teacher specializes in punky, funky rock with an emphasis on big-hearted exuberance, but his new solo project, Arbutus, strips away his signature sense of fun in favour of bleary instrumental sketches.
With the last gasps of summer upon us, it’s about time we fully embrace the frightening frigidity of Koban.
As an album, Circulation comes off a little inconsistent and underdeveloped.
North America seems reluctant to accept the fact that one of the greatest string ensembles in Chinese music lives in Vancouver.
Given that the material here is a few years old, it’s not too surprising that it sounds a bit like a relic of its moment.
My colleague Guy MacPherson, the Georgia Straight’s comedy correspondent, wrote the liner notes, so I’d better not say anything rude about this one.
This is an essential release for anyone who cares about first-generation Vancouver punk, all-girl rock bands, or early punk in general.
The sophomore LP from the quartet finds Dyck using a feral hyena’s howl to weigh in on life’s emptiness.
With this being the year of the super moon, the arrival of Spell’s Full Moon Sessions seems rather timely.