If this is what meeting the grim reaper sounds like, then maybe death won’t be so bad after all.
Dan Mangan has never been a typical guy-with-a-guitar singer-songwriter, and his latest album almost seems calculated to ensure that no one will ever mistake him for one.
The wistful and solitary approach of the album speaks volumes.
Zeus Tragedies is full of intricate patterns, dizzying runs, and herky-jerky melodies that would have gone over gangbusters at a Clinton-era gig at the Windy City’s Empty Bottle.
In the press materials for Appendix in C, principal Holy Hum member Andrew Lee begins by writing, “I have always had problems with editing down my songs.”
The influences on 2014’s The Usual Angst seem to have more to do with early-1990s Seattle popcraft, such as that offered by the Young Fresh Fellows.
Even if Les Chaussettes aren’t breaking new ground with their sound, there’s always room in this city for another band with a knack for scuzzy pop.
Taste Tests is to be followed soon, we hope, by a second CD of “unreleased material which we did later but never issued."
That Gerry Hannah wrote two of the greatest songs in Vancouver punk history is reason enough to care that he has a new solo album.
Where Guillou will go from here is anyone’s guess, but if this upward trajectory continues, it’ll be a journey worth following.