Expectations can be a real drag, but Closer has proven the wait worthwhile.
Let’s not cue up the requiem bell just yet for this Brooklyn postpunk outfit.
The Manipulator is a monolithic entry into an already prolific catalogue and further flexes Ty Segall's fabulously freaky chops.
Foo Fighters’ eighth album is presented as a road map of American music, with each of the eight tracks on Sonic Highways recorded in a different city.
Neil Young can write a spellbinding song with just acoustic guitar, so does he really need a 92-piece orchestra to get his message across?
If it feels like a while since you heard from Thee Manipulators, then it’s not just your imagination.
This 7-inch will leave listeners with the impression that these guys spend most of their time in front of the tube.
The percussive crackle of dry leaves underfoot might not be that bad an accompaniment to the sounds of the Sands.
The half-hour Dangerfield, well recorded by Mark Lawrence, gives us a band that grows stronger, and stringier, all the time.
All I Think When I Wake Up has enough snappy tracks that it’ll keep listeners warm in the months ahead.