From slowing his vocals down to creepy Elvis sleaze on his 2012 debut to describing his music as “jizz jazz”, i
The bleak production ultimately serves to highlight the songs’ cathartic beauty.
Welcome back, EMA—the world was a darker and less imaginative place without you.
Luckily for fans of Dalle’s distinctive punky charisma, the adventurous collection is as incendiary as the lady herself.
If you’re a hockey fan, you probably already know who Johnny DeMarco is without knowing you know who he is.
Here’s hoping WTCHDR vocalist Chris Stiles’s primal-therapy sessions in front of the mike are helping him sort out some of his issues.
The Gnomadics don’t seem like the kind of band that subscribes to the theory that less is more.
Question: why do so many cute girls go to Golers shows?