The Liquor Kings don’t have the biggest musical range in Vancouver, but they do their thing with gusto and conviction.
When I say this record makes me want to puke, I mean that in a good way.
Somewhere between a pleasant surprise and a natural progression, High Ends’ Super Class is the ambitiously idiosyncratic solo debut of Yukon Blonde frontman Jeffrey Innes.
The EMBASSYLIGHTS project is, basically, a collaboration between Western Canada and Iceland.
Local duo Animal Bodies continues to flirt with the decadent and dank sounds of ’80s dark wave.
Local punk booker Not Yer Buddy has put out four compilations to date, all of them terrific.
This EP is more than just a history lesson in classic rock
There’s a case to be made—especially if you belong to the Church of Matt Stone and Trey Parker—that Mormons are hopelessly ill-equipped to deal with the real world.
If Elf tried to teach the world anything, it’s that almost everything at Christmas tastes better when it’s drowned in a full bottle of maple syrup.
Considering his riotously inappropriate work on Family Guy, one might expect Seth MacFarlane to shoot for nothing but off-colour laughs on Holiday for Swing.