There’s actually some pretty sophisticated musicianship at work.
Skinny Kids are far from the only ones playing the scuzzy, fuzz-soaked psych-rock card these days.
The half-hour Dangerfield, well recorded by Mark Lawrence, gives us a band that grows stronger, and stringier, all the time.
All I Think When I Wake Up has enough snappy tracks that it’ll keep listeners warm in the months ahead.
Cameron Reed has been soaking up a lot of new influences during his time in Hogtown.
Dan Snaith has nothing left to prove, at least not since closing the book on that Manitoba debacle.
What Goldie Hawn has to do with any of this is a mystery.
I’ve been saying Malcolm Jack is a genius for years, and it looks as though the former Sun Wizard and Capitol 6 frontman’s secret may be out with his newest project.
We’ve reviewed this B.C. stalwart before, and it’s always cool to see an artist keep growing.