Given that the material here is a few years old, it’s not too surprising that it sounds a bit like a relic of its moment.
Britt Daniel has been called many things over the years, with “asshole” being the favoured description of four out of five journalists. “Sexy” isn’t one of those things.
How to Dress Well leader Tom Krell hails from Chicago, but his touring band features a couple of Vancouver’s finest players.
Frankie Rose made a name for herself as a member of fuzzy bands, but her last couple of solo records found her cleaning up her sound in favour of sleek, shimmering pop.
With Cellar Groove, jazz impresario Cory Weeds has dug deep into his archive for a 2004 club date all jazz-saxophone fans should treasure.
Should these three talents record again, however, let’s hope they opt for a more demanding and less familiar songbook.
Dhillon’s debut as a leader gains even more resonance when heard in its intended historical context.
What do you get when you put four extroverts in a room?
Fraser is a great addition to Allen’s regular quartet, adding warmth and bravado in equal measure.
The DJ duo’s Quack is made for summer driving.