Oh, and your grandparents will probably like it too.
According to the band itself, the music of the Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer is “the blues the way it was meant to be played”.
Newman’s unflashy but solid work always comes down on the right side of tasteful.
The raw ingredients are so pleasurably assembled, it hardly matters.
Call it a hunch, but the malaise of the message may be a tip-off that are Facts is contemplating where it goes from here.
If you thought Needles//Pins ran out of dejected pop-punk ideas with 2012’s 12:34 LP, think again.
There’s a consistent market for songwriters with acoustic guitars strapped to their chests and hearts worn on their sleeve.
When a band lists its influences as the Doors, the Eagles, Pink Floyd, Rush, the Beatles, and Fleetwood Mac—as River’s Divide does—you can take that a number of ways.
It would be generous to say that Liam Sturgess’s EP Hit the Stage is too green for the picking.