Harbours becomes more interesting when we’re reminded that Rysstad is basically an indie-rock guy who found his way here through garage punk and a stint in Vancouver’s mighty Jolts.
We Found a Lovebird’s sound doesn’t owe much, if anything, to ’80s L.A. hardcore.
If anyone in town is up for some role-playing sci-fi action, it’d probably put a smile on Tim the Mute’s face.
To be sure, sadness is the set’s strong suit.
There’s something to be said for just not giving a fuck.
Considering the scarcity of the group’s past output, it’s about damn time.
Local quartet Taxa comes from good stock, having plucked its members from fellow posthardcore unit Damages.
These are promising enough to suggest that the band is worth keeping an eye on.
Playing spot-the-overriding-influence is a challenge on David Ward’s boldly produced Golden Future Time.
Songwriter Corbin Murdoch was evidently in an optimistic frame of mind when he was writing the songs that make up Ode to Joy.