Top 10 albums of 2009 - John Lucas


Sadly, I lost my copy of the latest Dirty Bear Collective opus before I could give it a proper listen. I’m sure it’s a work of life-altering magnificence, but I had to settle for the following (listed in alphabetical order for your shopping convenience).

Summer of Hate
If you own a Spacemen 3 album, you’ve already heard every trick Crocodiles’ drone-stoned Charles Rowell and Brandon Welchez have up their sleeves. But, damn it, don’t you miss Spacemen 3?

Crocodiles' "Summer of Hate".

Fever Ray
Fever Ray
Karin Dreijer Andersson (you know her as that vocal-effects addict from the Knife) scares the shit out of me, but in a good way, and I love her even more now that I’ve noticed that the list of influences on Fever Ray’s MySpace page includes Fugazi, Cyndi Lauper, and Trailer Park Boys.

Fever Ray's "Seven".

Future of the Left
Travels With Myself and Another
Because every Top 10 list needs at least one record that demands you scream along until your throat is raw, raging against everything or nothing in particular, and because former mclusky nutcase Andrew Falkous is uniquely skilled at making exactly that kind of record.

Future of the Left's "The Hope That House Built".

The production could arguably stand to be a little more fi and a bit less lo, and head Girl Christopher Owens looks like a man who could use a sandwich and a bar of soap. All is forgiven, though, thanks to Owens’s seemingly effortless ability to write indie-rock songs with classic pop hooks sharp enough to give Phil Spector a diamond-cutter.

Girl's "Hellhole Ratrace".

Jamie T
Kings & Queens
He might be a public-school boy in chav’s clothing, but Jamie Treays has hit upon so irresistible a synthesis of hip-hop wordplay and young-and-snotty punk attitude that I’m willing to overlook the fact that he has as much genuine street cred as John Graham Mellor.

Jamie T's "The Man's Machine".

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Emily Marie Collins
What a dumb list. I thought Vancouver's entertainment magazine was supposed to at least support some Canadian talent. And your intro immediately made me think you were a fucking loser, after reading that why would anyone want to read the rest? Put this writer in the garbage and ship him to the States.
Rating: -2
Really? What in "top" "10" "albums" and "2009" implies - or necessitates - Canadian? What a douchey comment.

Also considering that no less half the list is non-north american, and the reviewer's tastes lean pretty heavily brit, its pretty off base to imply some sort of american conspiracy to kill our beloved scene.

methinks you're rather bitter as you're likely a johnny-come-lately quasi-scenester who's never even heard of spacemen 3 or JAMC or half the bands that influenced the artists on this list. See, I can be a douche too!
Rating: +1
While the intro to this list is horrendous, the list itself is pretty cool. Not every Vancouver columnist has to put Japandroids on their list, though they probably should.
Rating: -1
@John Lucas

"I'd also like to point out that she has written songs for Akon, Fergie, the Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears, New Kids on the Block, and Adam Lambert."

Yep Johnny, "...nothing beats pounding Pabst Blue Ribbon in the men’s can."
Rating: +6
john lucas has slightly better taste than mike usinger, but still pretty bad taste.
Rating: +3
John Lucas
Dearest random-letter-typing person: You have now posted essentially the same comment on everyone's list without justifying your existence by explaining to us why we all have bad taste. Please tell us what we all missed this year. Put up or shut up, as they say.
Rating: -2
Mr D. Knotts
I think dgjfdkfhkfa is just feeling a bit poopy and needs a snack and a time out.
Rating: -5
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