15 Future Shop and Best Buy stores closing in Canada, including Surrey location

The Best Buy in South Surrey is one of 15 stores being shut down by Best Buy Canada Ltd.

Today (January 31), the Burnaby-based subsidiary of U.S.-based Best Buy Co. Inc. announced it is permanently closing eight Future Shop and seven Best Buy big box stores across Canada. An estimated 900 people will reportedly lose their jobs.

A news release from the company called the move the "first phase of a long-term transformational strategy to optimize the company’s retail footprint across the country".

In B.C., Best Buy stores in Queensborough, Nanaimo, Victoria, and Langford (Westshore Town Centre) are also closing "immediately". The Future Shop store in West Kelowna is going out of business.

Best Buy Canada says it plans to open new Future Shop small-concept "web stores" and Best Buy Mobile locations over the next three years. The company notes it still has over 120 Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores and over 140 Future Shop locations in Canada.

"Employees affected by the Best Buy and Future Shop store closures will receive severance support as well as access to employee assistance programs and career transition support. Hiring priority will also be offered to previous employees across the country affected by today’s announcement," the release states.

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happens when the average Canadian doesnt have enough money to spend on consumer goods. Harper can talk all he wants about the strong Canadian dollar but if that dollar isn't in the pockets of 99% of the public, it doesn't matter.

Wages have not gone up much in the past 30 yrs so at some time people run out of money. They have leveraged as much as they can from their baby boomer houses and their kids don't have jobs which pay enough so the time has arrived.

Press releases may talk about how consumer confidence is doing so well but if you go to the malls not many people have bags in their hands.
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Ray I
s has absolutely nothing to do with harper or the economy (which is ticking along better than almost any other). It is because they can't compete with online retailers. Canadians are tired of paying 25% - 50% markups for their electronics. Internet shopping just let Canadians know how badly these stores were taking advantage of their ignorance.
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Face Reallity You Commie
E.A.F....perhaps you should leave your Communist beliefs in the Toilet. In fact, Best Buy closures have nothing to do with Miniumum wage laws or whatever dependency you have have on the government. Yout typical left wing rhetoric never fails to shake my head.

The hard cold reality is that Consumer buying patterns have changed and more people are buying their electronic good through online purchases at a cheaper price (Amazon, eBay, Tiger Direct, NewEgg).

The latest Best Buy closures etc are not part of a government conspiracy to starve the masses so the right wing capitalist pigs can get fat off their spoils. It's a simple case of SUPPLY AND DEMAND. Businesses that fail to respond to the demand and prices that consumers want will eventually fail and close down. It's a tricky formula. But this is big reason why some business are successful and some become part of the history books.
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I have to agree with Ray..Online is the way to shop.This is where my daughters did all their shopping and shipping was free.No postage to pay..They ordered Christmas presents and had them shipped to their friends and receivers.....My boots from my daughter came through the internet too...Aldo.I was in line at Christmas time mailing cards and the hold up was not people purchasing stamps it was mail and parcel pick-up.Beyond the Rack..Beyond the Rack...and more beyond the rack boxes...all Internet shoppers..makes you wonder.
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I'm sure the fact that the two brands have been competing with one another, coupled with Future Shop's legendarily poor customer service, has been a significant factor in this. Real estate costs no doubt played a role as well – the press release actually describes the stores as closing “as a result of the current real-estate optimization plan”.
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On-lines beats Brick & Mortar Stores every day all day.

Better Service & Better Prices.

The way these Corporations treat Employees is a travesty, no notice of closure if your lucky you get 1 week per year of service as severance.

Employees are viewed as Servant under Employment & Common Law as well as Subservient Sheep by the Corporate Board.

Don't be a Sheep work on your own as a Consultant and/or start your own business and employ the Sheep :)

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Sure it's cheaper to shop online, but the average consumer is unaware of the hellish work environments that employees endure at distribution warehouses. The big online companies remain faceless and no one even notices the poor working conditions and low pay that warehouse workers are subjugated to in order for the consumer to get a great online deal.
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Lee L.
It's not that "they can't compete with other retailers". Best Buy in Canada is cant compete with Best Buy in the USA. The reasons are not that clear but..

Prices in the USA are noticeably lower despite a dollar at PAR.
Canadian Border Service does not have the staffing to collect all the sales tax on every cross border purchase so... you often save the HST shopping in the USA.

Lastly, the retail staff in the USA provide a far better experience to their clients ( LIKE ME!!). Canadian retail managers need to up their game and train their staff to know something, and provide a helpful friendly experience. Otherwise.. why would you want to pay more to shop here?

As far as Best Buy and Future Shop go ( both BEST BUY companies), their staff are the most useless and unhelpful hourly workers ANYWHERE.

I've wandered around 2 Best Buy stores and a big Future Shop store and not been approached by any staff. I was browsing for at least half an hour. During that time, I saw staff doing inventory, chatting with each other, phoning friends ...but nobody was helping me look select TVs or computers.

When I talked to one of the staff, I asked him if they were on commission. I expected him to answer no, but he said yes they were. Then why do they ignore the customers? He explained that they only get the commission if they make above a certain level of sales, and that level many believe is too hard to achieve so they just hang about and collect the hourly wage portion of the compensation.

It's very bad management.
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I have to agree that online shopping is the future. I am 70 years old and do much of my shopping online. Just bought a computer from Dell who have no stores and provide excellent service. In most cases the shipping is free. Do not have to travel from home, fight the crowds and pay for transportation/parking. I really do feel sorry for the people that have lost their jobs, however 40 years ago we were told that computers would make people lose jobs, but they have also created many more. By the way, I have done some shopping at the Future Shop and have always found the employees to be more then helpful.
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Edward Thomas Jones III
Web shopping is the future. My son buys all electronics online. Obama will save these retailers though. He is the greatest president since Carter.
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I buy electronics cheap from the states then return them to best buy in canada at there regular price.
been doing this for a while now making decent coin

example bought mw3 for ps3 at target for 14.99 on black friday then returned it here in canada at bestbuy for 59.99

oh yeah
Rating: -9
stefen hiu
ride like the wind online shopping

ride like the wind

thesmartone is right Ive done this a few times it works with other products too as long as the sku and barcode are the same you can purchase cheaper products from the states and return them to canada for a lot more, mind you, you usually get instore credit

and remember obama only has 4 years so around 2017 usa might not suck anymore

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Edward Thomas jones III
It will be a sad day for all retailers when President Obama leaves office. I remember seeing how much Oprah supported and loved him and I then realized he would be the greatest President of all time. He has cleaned up Wall street, saved education in America and he helped to restore Bill Clinton's honor after those lies told about Clinton and Monica. Watch as Obama supports Hillary in 4 years. True loyalty is an American right and dream.
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Jay Jones
Best Buy was like wholly shit, we Better Sell!
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Web based sites employ less employees and at lower wages than do the brick & mortar stores. The also pay less by sq ft in rent (in this City $9 to $4 sq ft I2 versus $45 to $190 sq ft) for facilities in unimproved, light industrial locations and far less in property taxes (contributing far less, in turn,to Civic infrastructure and services. The pay NOTHING in local improvement costs (these are improvement costs, on top of property taxes, paid by high-street retailers to clean up litter, fund public art and festivals, plant gardens etc on commercial streets - in this City at $10 sq ft). On-line shopping may bring you, the consumer, a cheaper end product but this is not at all without a social cost. Imagine your City without a commercial tax base (3 x higher than the residential) to fund your bike lanes, pedestrian infrastructure, community gardens, street lighting, waste management, and on and on. Imagine your City without tenancy in commercial leasing spaces. Imagine your City without unique districts with anchor "butcher baker and shoe makers". It is pure folly to believe that an endless pursuit of consumer goods at the lowest price is good for the consumer, and that the only cost you will pay is the margin-cost on your shoes, stereo, or mobile device. A race to the bottom-price will cost this society dearly, something North American shoppers may come to realize too late.
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You're right, there have to be jobs in your city, particularly I think jobs that pay ok while not requiring a PhD

However, I don't cry for Best Buy. They were making nothing. They are resellers of other people's work. And they are being pinched not by discrimination or irrationality but by being uncompetitive with the new model of distribution of other peoples' work.

Something else will fill those spaces.
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does someone realize that to be treated as a sucker for years and years require a participating person to play the sucker part? Future Shop, more than Best Buy has had outrageous prices for an eternity... but Canadians accepted it and kept on buying there. Now, there seems to be a glimmer of hope; could it be that Canadian shoppers slowly understand you can buy better and cheaper products somewhere else?
\The question is not to buy online or in stores. The question is to behave like other countries do, and try to save money where available. Who has ever compared the price of tv in the USA and in Canada? Dishnet in the states offers 200 channels for less than $30 a moth, taxes included. Bell in Canada gives you 30 to 40 channels for $4 a month. Some Canadians, the smart ones, use P.O. addresses in USA to buy cheaper, but I have never heard of an US citizen getting a postal box in Canada... Funny, no? I was looking for a case for my Galaxy Note 2 phone. Thousands to buy online, akways fom the USA, In Canada, I spent several days going to different malls and asking for such a case. Well, they hardly begin to have cases for the Galaxy Note 1, not even on sale. So, the stores hope, against any logic,to sell cases for a phone which is not even available as new anymore, and don;t even think of catching up with what people want now - cases for the new trendy phones! how come yogurts which cost 3 to 4 euros in Europe are sold in Canada for $9? is not it funny that Vonage is twice as expensive in Canada than in the USA? same service, same company... but on one side of the border, people who want prices to be competitive, on the other one, people agreeing to pay whatever! The two dollars have been at par or close too for 4 years now, but books are still 30% more expensive in Canada. And I could go on and on... Compare amazon.ca and amazon.com; two identical online stores, with amazon.ca being 30 to 50% more expensive. The LCBO is the biggest buyer of wine in the world -normal, it shops with a monopoly for 13,000,000 people; but the same wine, sold for 3 euros in France, will cost $15 to 20 in Ontario.
Suckers, I said. And the word is a lot to nice to describe the Ontarian mentality. Do you really enjoy to be abused? cannot you react? maybe that is a wake up call, one which is badly needed!
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ugly, empty boxes
Whats really funny is that 10 years ago the cities were all sucking dicks to get these hideous stores to clamour up like cancer all over the place and now all of them will sit empty until the next ugly tumour shows up... how many heritage building were torn down to build these box stores? how many acres of fields were paved for their massive, always empty, parking lots? how many neighbourhoods gutted? how many small businesses, that provided better service and decent wages to their employees, were put out of business?

and now like so many other ugly behemoths they are dying off slowly, just like blockbuster, and soon to be the big 3 cell companies with their ridiculous overcharging.

canada needs to get its head out of north americas ass and get its priorities right... who even needs a NEW t.v. anyways? you can probably find last years model for $10 at the Salvation Army with how wasteful and gadget horny people are these days
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bye bye best buy
excuses be damned. i'll never buy best buy or future shop ever again. the way they canned many of their workers was tactless.
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future shop ten years ago had prices twice as expensive as in Germany for the same product. They should have great discounts, with their furnishing 20% of the US and Canada, But, no, they prefer making the biggest profit possible and keep their prices high. Sellers on line have other costs, shipping first, but they manage because you do not have any discounters in Canada.
a lot of people want new tvs, new computers, new cameras etc and green fields and meadows won't make Canada rich.
For those who say stores rely on someone else's work. they should read and learn a bit more about economics. If you want a computer, but none is available 5,000 miles around your place, don't you think the store close to you brings additional opportunities, therefore value to you?Canada puts itself in a dependant position to the states.
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