Lawyer Brian Fixter wants to fix “stale” B.C. Liberals

Rookie politician Brian Fixter agrees that there’s a David and Goliath aspect to his battle against two old hands for the B.C. Liberal nomination in Vancouver–False Creek. The fight will culminate at a meeting on Wednesday (February 20).


But the 31-year-old associate with the Borden Ladner Gervais law firm notes that the contest pitting him against former Vancouver mayor and long-time city councillor Sam Sullivan and twice-elected ex–B.C. Liberal MLA Lorne Mayencourt isn’t about “big versus little”.

“I think it’s more new versus old and fresh versus stale,” Fixter told the Straight in a phone interview.

Vancouver–False Creek is represented in the legislature by former children and family development minister Mary McNeil.

Asked what he has been hearing from people, Fixter said: “It’s been a mix. Some people are still staunch B.C. Liberal supporters. Some people are just not happy with how things are going and are choosing to sit out. There’s a level of apathy, which I think has grown over the past little bit. And that’s what we’re trying to combat. That’s exactly what we’re trying to take over and prevent is people just getting themselves out of the political process and waiting to see what’s going to happen.”

He explained his desire to become an MLA in this way: “It’s time for change, and I think that applies specifically with the B.C. Liberals.…I think the new way forward is with a new voice.…Our whole campaign has rested on the belief that the past isn’t good enough. And we don’t need to be talking about the rhetoric of the [B.C.] NDP sins in the past or the B.C. Liberal sins in the past.”

Sullivan didn’t want to comment on the fortunes of the B.C. Liberal Party. While he began by telling the Straight by phone that “there’s lots of opportunity”, Sullivan went on to say: “I don’t really look at those things. I’m focused on keeping my head down and working and getting nominated and getting elected.”

Mayencourt declined comment.

In a separate B.C. Liberal nomination, party members in Vancouver-Quilchena will choose between former city councillor and mayoral candidate Suzanne Anton and former B.C. Liberal Party president Andrew Wilkinson on Sunday (February 17). This seat is held by former finance minister Colin Hansen.

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Brian Fixter, definitely has my support. Take a look at his website for more information, including the voting location.
Rating: +11
Brian Fixter is the right choice for the liberals in this riding. I do not want to attack the other candidates, but what our party needs is fresh ideas and new faces. The old guard of the NPA and the Liberal Party have lost their relevance. Brian has my vote.
Rating: +1
Gregg Reilly
I support Mr Fixter 100% in an attempt to galvanize an apathetic voter base
Rating: -2
Fixter is the man we need to reinvigorate this party and engage Vancouver-False Creek. The other guys may have experience, but how much substantive good do you remember coming from their policies? Let's go with a man who is going to freshen the face of the party and compete with an increasingly formidable NDP.
Rating: +1
He is definitely the man for me. We need new and fresh. He has my vote
Rating: -21
When somethings Stale you compost it into the Trash.

You don't fix it you throw it away as in Garbage.

I believe some people are mistaking disgust at the Corporate Welfare first and putting the people of BC last for apathy.

Changing people does not change the Corporate Welfare Deficit ridden policies of the BC Liberals.
Rating: +28
Jordan Beard
It's time for a new face in the Vancouver-False Creek riding; innovative ideas, hard work and dedication are among some of the things one can expect from Brian Fixter.
Rating: +9
He's the only reason I'm considering casting a vote for the Liberals in the next election.
Rating: -14
Why wouldn't we get behind this guy? The other candidates have had their turn at bat and have not demonstrated an ability to build consensus or be effective representatives. Our politics are desperately short of new ideas, new blood, and youth. We should be embracing candidates such as Fixter. He deserves a shot. Let's hope he gets it.
Rating: -17
He should see someone about when his balls are going to drop first
Rating: -9
Eric Blair
The fact that Mr. Fixter would even consider representing the BC Liberal Party after witnessing their past 12 years in government is enough evidence in itself that he does not possess the sound judgement we should demand from our elected representatives.
Rating: +15
Matt Toner
@eric blair - I've met Brian Fixter. He is a good man who has picked a hard fight. You should respect that.

@bagman - clever name. Brian's choice to enter politics takes considerably more "balls" than (say) trolling the comments board of the Georgia Straight.
Rating: -2
I'd like to personally thank the Fixter family for making an appearance in the comment section of this article
Rating: +16
Matt Toner

Protip, the BC Liberals do not respect you, Ive known them. Your party has had the shit kicked out of you the last 3 elections, are you not tired of losing. I got news for you, negativity works, and its funny...and true...balls hehe
Rating: +8
It is time for a newer, fresher vision of how to implement what the Liberal Party has always stood for. I believe Mr Fixter is that man. I believe it is his time.
Rating: -3
After 15 years of liberals and what they didnt do,like the federal liberals before them.Promisses are easy but when you have to tow the liberal line your ideas are lost.I think its time to let another party give it a try.Look what happend federally,no mony exchang no golf courses no favors to friends,Thos that dont change are prone to get stale,and the same.
Rating: +9
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