Ethnicgate planner Brian Bonney quits as CEO of the Canadian Home Builders' Association of B.C.

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      The B.C. Liberal operative at the centre of the party's recent ethnicgate scandal has left a high-profile job.

      Brian Bonney stepped down as chief executive officer of the Canadian Home Builders' Association of B.C.

      According to a CHBA B.C. news release, Bonney "tendered his resignation in light of the Dyble Report, which he felt compromised his ability to work in the best interests of the residential construction industry".

      Bonney took up the position on February 25.

      Last month, a CHBA B.C. announcement of Bonney's appointment made no mention of his lengthy history as a B.C. Liberal party activist.

      Bonney was a B.C. Liberal government communications staffer who spent up to half his work time on partisan activities for the party, according to a recently released report by John Dyble, the deputy minister to the premier.

      After this was revealed, Premier Christy Clark announced that the B.C. Liberals would repay $70,000 to the B.C. government.

      Below are two excerpts from the Dyble report that deal specifically with Bonney's conduct: 

      “It is clear from emails that in August 2012, and September 2012, Brian Bonney was directing the work of the four community liaison contractors and the two caucus outreach workers. This communication took place on personal email. When Brian Bonney was asked why he was directing these individuals using personal email, he indicated that it was because he knew the selection of the four community liaison contractors was confidential. When Minister Yap was asked why his former Communications Director was using personal email for this correspondence, he said that it was to avoid freedom of information.

      “In one of the personal emails to the community liaison contractors, Brian Bonney instructed them not to tell the ministry program director that they know him. In another, he circulated an event form to the community liaison contractors and instructed them not to use the same form or information when they submit events to the ministry program director. When Brian Bonney was asked about this email he indicated that the form he provided was a 'party' form so he did not want the potential community liaison contractors using this form with the ministry.”[page 23]

      Bonney is a former business partner of Harry Bloy, who was the only B.C. Liberal member of caucus to support Clark's leadership bid. Bonney also ran as the TEAM Burnaby candidate for mayor in 2002, losing to Derek Corrigan of the Burnaby Citizens' Association.


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      Mar 20, 2013 at 7:07am

      Money has it Bonney didn't resign, he was given an opportunity to leave with whatever small amount of dignity he might have left. His departure is not because his ability to represent his (latest) employer's interests, it's because he has been outed and has no credibility left. He has been repeatedly shown to be a backroom right-wing zealot who farts in the general direction of provincial laws, and personal ethics. He should be charged for breach of public trust, and for any other criminal acts. If he gets away with this, the government is underscoring its attitude that money and time cure all problems, and that ethics and the law count for nothing if you're one of their friends. This is appalling. Book 'em.

      From today's Vancouver Sun:

      "Bonney was also ensnared in scandal last November after The Sun uncovered a drive by Liberal insiders to make over Burnaby Hospital in an effort to unseat an NDP MLA, prop up a potential B.C. Liberal candidate and win votes in other key ridings. He was named as one of the trio of party operatives who concocted the plan."


      Mar 20, 2013 at 7:42am

      Do you really think he resigned? Why would the Canadian Homebuilders' Association want someone with so much baggage, and potentially criminal charges pending, to front them? Pushed rather than jumped, and hopefully into a jail cell soon.

      James Blatchford

      Mar 20, 2013 at 10:41am

      Oh damn! So how will the Canadian Home Builders' Association of BC find out how those sneaky illegal immigrants ended up on their worksites?! Without Brian Bonney's forensic ethnic-outreach skills the home building industry will be over-run by illegals! A sad day for the industry.