Anarchists take credit for damage to Vancouver businesses in “ghetto revolt”

It’s a “fucking class war” in a “fucked-up city”.

Anarchists have launched a “ghetto revolt” against “capitalist assholes” and “gentrifiers”, claiming responsibility for a number of attacks on Vancouver property in postings on an anarchist website.

They’ve claimed responsibility for smashing the windows of the Bank of Montreal branch at 2515 East Hastings Street on the evening of March 13. “BMO was targeted not only because it is a symbol of capitalism but because it banks with Compliance Energy Corporation,” the post reads. “They are in the coal industry.”

Unnamed parties also took credit for the theft of a sign from Save On Meats restaurant at 43 West Hastings Street “to let the gentrifiers know that they have entered an area with a long history of class warfare”. They also blasted PiDGiN at 350 Carrall Street as a “restaurant for the wealthy and well-dressed bourgeois/up-and-coming class”.

In one post, a group calling itself the Anti Gentrification Front claimed responsibility for smashing the windows and one of the surveillance cameras of Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria on Commercial Drive. “We are also inspired by the picketers of the new yuppie restaurant in the downtown east side called Pidgin,” the group declared.

This group also claimed that they were responsible for shattering the windows of two trucks and a tractor belonging to the City of Vancouver.

Sgt. Randy Fincham said the Vancouver Police Department is looking into these events.

“The incidents that recently happened on Commercial Drive and the smashing of windows, those are currently criminal investigations, and we will attempt to identify the people that did do the damage,” Fincham, a VPD spokesperson, told the Straight by phone.

Antipoverty activist Ivan Drury, who recently helped organize pickets outside PiDGiN, stressed that the anarchist attacks are “not connected to the community struggles in the Downtown Eastside”.

“But in my opinion,” Drury told the Straight by phone, “these actions are inevitable…when the city is pouring all of its resources into supporting the development of high-end shops and businesses and continuing gentrification drives that affect people who are vulnerable to displacement and systemic violence.”

Describing himself as someone who is “not hung up on tactics”, Drury said he was not condemning the attacks: “I think that Vision Vancouver’s tactics and their planning and zoning regulations, which are all done on paper and very neat and tidy by legal people, these hidden acts of violence have far more impact on the lives of people in the city.”

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Save on Meats ? the guys employing DTES residents ? Mark Brand is fighting the good fight down there and these misguided fools steal his sign then pose for pictures ?
Weak, hardly gonna win the people over.
Rating: +187
Sam Galloway
It is very disappointing they attack Save on Meats. Save on Meats have done a lot to help the homeless in the area.
Rating: +153
typical east sider
i hate everything that isn't about social housing and bikes, oh and getting toasted, nicely toasted... wait, what were we talking about... man i could go for some pizza, i wonder if that new place on commercial is open...
Rating: +51
Well that's just ignorant... Do they not realize how much Save On Meats does to help the local population through their sandwich tokens, and donations of food to community programs. By stealing from them, they're actually hurting programs that are put in place to help the poor.

They should get off their computers and do something to help like volunteering if they want to make a change in the world.
Rating: +130
Sometimes I think that people's motivation for malicious attacks is an afterthought of justification. I don't think these "anarchists" are that far removed from the pathetic Stanley cup rioters.
Rating: +107
I think this is called, "Biting the hand that feeds you"
Rating: +76
Matt Foulger
Masked clowns steal a sign from Save on Meats like drunk frat boys stealing stop signs for their college dorms... only they use the words "gentrifiers" and "bourgeois", so they're righteous, serious people. Never mind the fact that Save on Meats is actually trying to lift the community up through employment and discounted food for residents. It apparently hasn't occurred to them that such a business actually creates value, and that much of that value is captured by the community. These half-assed anarchists are too lazy to organize a real movement which could achieve practical reforms to our unfair housing/welfare situation. Instead they hide behind masks and commit the most petty, meaningless acts.
Rating: +107
good to see the local universities are still churning out idiots
Rating: +7
"Anarchists"? What a joke; it's just that tired old Vancouver rent-a-mob - no solutions offered, no positive input at any level of their actions, just wasted negative effort. Positive change will only come about as a result of positive action and that doesn't mean quitting the good fight; it means sustaining the good fight by drawing more people to your side through positive actions.
Rating: +70
John Simpson
These guys are clowns. That being said, there still is merit to the cause of fighting gentrification. Most of these restaurants are over-priced garbage targeted at Vancouverites who don't know anything about food.

Ah Vancouver, so full of idiots.
Rating: -67
Rick in Richmond
People who wear black masks in politics are cowards.

They lack the courage of their so-called convictions. They wear masks because they try to run and hide from the consequences of their childish behaviour.

Stealing sidewalks signs is not politics. It's just idiotic. Smashing windows at a pizza joint? Ridiculous.

Wearing masks? Proof positive that these cowards -- the real 1% -- will never be taken seriously, except by people who want the DTES to remain a special protection zone for drug dealers.

Their enablers talk about "diversity of tactics". Hah. The 99% talk about such tactics as proof of the fundamental cowardice of these vandals -- unable and unwilling to engage in democratic politics.

Just wait til the Black Maskers show up at the Straight offices one night... the word "credit" will not appear in the headline, I expect.
Rating: +73
Nicholas Ellan
Nobody attacked Save On Meats. There is no evidence for this and they were not interviewed for this article. If you are just going to read off of one deranged anarchist's blog (who has been caught on video smashing a pizza place's windows ALONE) you should just link to it, instead of pretending to do journalism.
Rating: -47
why is the GS bothering to give this boring and meaningless little stunt press?
Rating: 0
Doug Stever-Akesson
Save on Meats had thier sign stole by these assholes!! These fuck tards shoudl have done some one on one with the owners and found out that they host dinners for the homeless. They are a HUGE supporter of the DT area homeless........RETURN THAT SIGN YOU FUCKIN ASSLICKS!!
Rating: +58
That'll show that fuckin' sign!
Rating: +60
Education folks!
Or do they realize that Save on Meats provides food to low income resident housing?

Gentrification doesn't work, that is proven, but when you start attacking a core group of social enterprises that are dedicating their profits to providing training, education and jobs for the people of the community? This isn't Yaletown in the 1990s, these are genuine businesses committed to helping the population in a sustainable manner!
Rating: +22
These assholes have brains the size of shelled peanuts if that.

Fucking Save-On Meats where I shop HELPS the poor.

What the Fuck have these so called pussy Anarchists done to help the poor? Yeah Sweet Fuck All.

Fuck you pussy dumb fuck anarchists.
Rating: +44
sorry but Drury's comment sounds a lot like support to me. I hope the people supporting the destruction read this. You are idiots. I wouldn't have frequented the Pidgin nor Famosa but I will for sure go now and show my support. These attacks are lame and are hitting the wrong goals. I am wondering where those pseudo-anarchists were when Tim Hortons opened on the Drive. No one was protesting then.
Rating: +45
"Anarchists" - Instead of being angry at people who have worked hard and saved their money to try to make a life for themselves, why don't you spend your energy doing the same? Bringing them down doesn't build you up. This completely ignorant sense of entitlement you have is astounding. I have compassion for people with mental illness, but yes, I do have great disdain for people who are of sound mind, but too lazy to get off their asses and earn a living. If you can't find a job, use your time constructively.. go to a library and read a book. There are so many services available to help you, funded by the city's taxpayers (you know, those yuppies that work). Your jealous anger at the the good people on Commercial Drive will eat you up, and that will hurt you more than it will ever hurt them.
Rating: +44
These so-called "groups" of anarchists don't even know the meaning of the word.
Rating: +51


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