B.C. election 2013: Metro Vancouver candidates’ commentaries

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The Georgia Straight is inviting provincial-election candidates across Metro Vancouver to each write an opinion piece for publication on our website. The commentaries will be added to this page, sorted alphabetically by riding and candidate's name, as they are posted.

If you are a candidate, please contact us for details.



George Heyman: Tackling our challenges together (NDP)

Matthew Pedley: When natural gas dollars don’t make sense in B.C. (Green)


Vancouver-False Creek

James Filippelli: Your Political Party is ready for change. Are you? (Your Political Party)

Ian Tootill: What’s in a label? (B.C. Conservative)

Daniel Tseghay: New voices have the power to bring about positive change (Green)

Sal Vetro: B.C. First Party aims to bring direct democracy to our province (B.C. First)



Stuart Mackinnon: If not now, then when? (Green)



Shane Simpson: Let's make sensible investments in B.C.’s long-term prosperity (NDP)



Chris Fjell: We are leaving our children with stunted futures (Green)



George Chow: Be part of the change in B.C. (NDP)

Moira Stilwell: Let’s build on our community, education, and health care successes (B.C. Liberal)

Regan-Heng Zhang: Put transit first (Green)


Vancouver-Mount Pleasant

Barinder Hans: A bad week for the oil sands (Green)

Jenny Kwan: Let’s protect the environment and close the inequality gap (NDP)


Vancouver-Point Grey

David Eby: Moving education forward in B.C. (NDP)

Hollis Linschoten: It’s time for something different than destructive politics (Work Less)

Duane Nickull: We can restore B.C. as an economic and environmental leader (B.C. Conservative)

Françoise Raunet: Let me be a Green voice for Vancouver-Point Grey (Green)


Damian Kettlewell: Make history and vote Green on May 14 (Green)

Andrew Wilkinson: Let’s make sure B.C. remains a land of opportunity (B.C. Liberal)


Vancouver-West End

Mathew Kagis: Re-envisioning the economy as a tool to serve the needs of the people (Work Less)


Coquitlam-Burke Mountain

Paul Geddes: B.C. Libertarians would replace top-down government with individual responsibility (Libertarian)



Steve Kim: We can work together to achieve our goals (B.C. Liberal)


Delta North

George Gidora: Dump the B.C. Liberals, fight for real change, vote Communist on May 14 (Communist)

John Shavluk: Why I am running again for MLA in Delta North (independent)



John Cummins: B.C. Conservatives believe in fair taxation, balanced budgets, and good highways (B.C. Conservative)


New Westminster

James Crosty: It’s a new time for New West (independent)

Judy Darcy: NDP is committed to equalizing access to postsecondary education (NDP)

Paul Forseth: Liberalism and socialism make for bad government (B.C. Conservative)

Terry Teather: Our government needs change, now! (Green)


North Vancouver-Lonsdale

Ryan Conroy: B.C.’s food freedom movement getting a raw deal (Green)

Kimball Cariou: Change is coming to B.C., but what kind? (Communist)


North Vancouver-Seymour

Jaime Webbe: Leadership means planning ahead (independent)


Port Moody-Coquitlam

Linda Reimer: Good credit for B.C. (B.C. Liberal)


Richmond Centre

Teresa Wat: Richmond and the future of B.C. (B.C. Liberal)

Michael Wolfe: Educating and representing Richmond’s beautiful diversity (Green)



Jerome Dickey: What a billion dollars will not buy us (Green)

Mike Donovan: Unparty seeks to bring consensus decision-making to B.C. politics (Unparty)



Tim Binnema: Bitching about bitumen (Green)



Alan Saldanha: Helping Hand Party believes in assisting British Columbians in need (Helping Hand)


West Vancouver-Capilano

David Jones: The B.C. Conservative angle (B.C. Conservative)

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