Future of education: Emily Carr, health care, bullying, and scrapping tuition


Our education issue focuses on plans for a new Emily Carr University campus, training for health-care jobs, responses to bullying, and if it's feasible to phase out tuition.

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And who is going to pay for all this,? surprise can you say TAX increase.
Grade school is not even free,now you want to open the flood gates from Canada and north america to free secondary ed.and they will come.
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I would rather have our government use our tax dollars for this instead of giving themselves another raise
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I'm not so sure kids are the only ones who need this. When you have governments that are bullies at home, and who fight, kill, maim, and destroy abroad to get their own way and endlessly work to undermine governments that don't see things quite their way, why wouldn't kids think that it's okay to be a bully? At the international level the sand box is bigger and they play with deadly bully-boy toys, but the attitudes and behaviours are fundamentally the same.

They/we set the standard for our kids to follow. Monkey see, monkey do.
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Melissa O'Connor
The government has given $113 million to Emily Carr University and yet the Studio Arts and Textile Arts Programs at Capilano University will probably be shut down due to a $1.3 million deficit. Emily Carr is getting all of this money but some of the students at Cap U are not going to be able to graduate despite already spending thousands in tuition. More information on the Studio Art and Textile Art Eviction from Capilano University facebook page
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