The stupidity of Christy Clark (and her advisers)

I’m sure there are some readers who’ve been questioning Premier Christy Clark’s intellect for a while. Sure, she’s glib. And she’s demonstrated remarkable political street smarts to rise to such a lofty position in our province.

But when it comes to wrapping her mind around complicated issues—such as addressing historical wrongs meted out to aboriginal people or dealing with sky-high pharmaceutical costs—she doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. And she’s proven herself to be remarkably inept in responding to climate change.

The B.C. Liberals’ answer to these obvious shortcomings has been to turn Clark into a champion of the economy.

That’s all she talked about during the leaders’ debate and at every campaign stop.

Unfortunately for Clark, most British Columbians care about far more than just the rise in the gross domestic product or the latest employment numbers from Statistics Canada. (They haven’t been good for the governing party.)

Voters are keenly interested in health care, education, fairness for aboriginal people, a better environment, housing, and honest government.

In sharp contrast to Clark, NDP Leader Adrian Dix is talking about these topics on the campaign trail and his party has addressed them in the platform.

Some might not like what Dix and the NDP are saying, but at least these subjects merit their attention.

Clark, on the other hand, has brought a laserlike focus on the economy—and she and the fools managing her campaign actually think this is all that voters want to hear.

This reflects a small-minded and dim view of the electorate. 

Meanwhile, there's a Vancouver commuter paper out today with a front-page ad of Clark featuring more idiocy from the B.C. Liberal campaign.

Under the headline "Comeback Kid", the paid message cites an Ipsos Reid poll showing that 44 percent of respondents thought that Clark sounded most like a premier during the recent televised debate. She was well ahead of the others.

The same poll revealed, however, that 35 percent of respondents thought Dix won the debate. This compared to just 30 percent for Clark.

More than a quarter of the Ipsos Reid respondents felt that Clark had lost, compared to just 11 percent who thought Dix was the loser.

The "Comeback Kid" ad is yet another example of the B.C. Liberals treating voters like they're all a bunch of dolts.

Is it any wonder that Clark and her friends are so far behind in the polls?

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Eh...I don't know anyone who would vote for either party because they were better on First Nations, but the Xeni Gwet'in court decision may have killed the BC Treaty process anyway - interesting times for whoever gets this portfolio.

I think the Libs are down because of Basi, Virk, and HST: in other word(s), Campbell, who resigned when his approval rating was something like 9%.

Crusty is doing fantastically by comparison.

As for her strategy, I don't know what else they can do but harp on the NDP as tax 'n spenders, untrue as that might be.
Rating: -56
Absolutely moronic advertisement, truly displaying the desperation the Clark and the Liberals. Clark has constantly disputed the polls, not she is paying for a deceitful ad for her party touting them. Comeback kid……..from where, what a lark!

I also love how the Liberals have been skewing every on line poll that can be skewed – 24 hrs., CKNW – you know the routine – delete history, refresh your page and repeat. I have no doubt there are many working on this scheme, because the legit polls are certainly not in favour of Clark! On-line polls – it’s a miracle – kind of like the Prosperity Fund and LNG! Oh, and that balanced budget!

The only poll you can trust are the ones that cannot be manipulated – so that pretty well rules out the on line ones……..the Liberal operatives are hard at work!
Rating: +240
The liberals dont have 60,000 union members paying dues year round and campaigning year round on their behalf. By comparison this ad is peanuts. Many uniuon members are PO'd having milliuons taken fromn their paycheques being used to campaign for NDP
Rating: -353
Such generous thoughts Mr Smith....she's glib as is the party platform because the Liberal party is convinced many of the public dont care about serious issues that are mentioned in this article.

They are so out of touch with real life for the so called average resident. Their judgement is skewed because of their silver spoon privileges.

Too distant from what poverty and inequality bring, too uncaring about public funding for critical services like education and child care, housing and health care, and quite comfy with the 2013 version of users pay, individualism reigns supreme and "let them eat cake".

Rating: +196
Given the fact the economy is shedding jobs right now, we've got a negative net intraprovincial migration, the lower mainland has become a gated resort for the absent wealthy, and the only people making money are RE related while we watch tech, film, etc. flee... I'm not so sure "economy" is a winning solution for Clark. And then, look at the sales numbers this spring in RE! Development and construction has been the biggest and loudest sector, at the expense of all other sectors, but this spring has already shaped up to be the end of the party. What happens when the beast dies? There will be no economy left. The smart money has already walked.
So, no. Clark's economy stinks.
Rating: +166
Have Dix or Clark or cummins for that matter ever had a "real" job. You know, something we can relate to. We have 4 candidates in my riding, the big 3 and some nutbar dad angry with social services. Guess who gets my vote.
Rating: -59
If BC's top lawmaker Christie Clark's stupidity litmus test was based alone on her running a red light with a reporter witness and her son in the car, and during an election campaign in which she has to pull out all the stops, she would pass with flying colours.
Rating: +138
If she's such a great "leader" as she claims, why has she tanked so consistently in public opinion polls?
Rating: +188
doesn't matter about crusty...i certainly won't be voting ndp either...(remember glenn clark and fast ferries, among other nonsense, anyone)...i'll vote conservative, ...heck even the marijuana party vs those losers in the NDP
Rating: -209
Alex T
Does Clark imagine that global warming will not impact our economy? That seems wilfully blind.
Rating: +87
People Dont Think Things Through, Do They ?

"Many uniuon members are PO'd having milliuons taken fromn their paycheques being used to campaign for NDP"

Which can be easily stopped by the general membership voting it down. If as many are as unhappy as you claim, it shouldnt be that hard.

You are no different than anyone else who claims to have wide spread support for a position which they cannot organize the votes for. Rather amazing how often that happens.

In any event, restricting political donations within unions via the will of the membership has happened, and its a fact that is easily verifiable.

There are even unions that donate to the BC Liberals and federal Conservatives due to the direction of their members.

Should the rest of us assume, as you do, that only unions that donate to the BCNDP are doing it against the wishes of their members ?

Why is it that you dont have an issue with unions donating to other political parties ?

Notwithstanding your ill informed griping, this is a non issue once the Dix government enacts their campaign finance reforms (thankfully).

Since you seem to hate the status quo so much, I look forward to you voting for the BCNDP on May 14th so you can take a stand an end this travesty that is the current state of political finance in BC.

Voting for the BCNDP on May 14th will end the current situation you are unhappy with.

Or was this not about election finacing in the first place ?

Rating: +149
Perhaps the ad is a good thing.
People will see this ad, think "OH NO!", then get out and vote to try to stop it from happening.
Such a ploy, by Ms. Clark and her campaign staff, clearly demonstrates just how stupid they think we are out here. She actually believes, by repeating this total misinformation, she will somehow convince people she has more support than the evidence would suggest.
Its a desperate move, one based wholly in the notion of manufactured consent, and totally reliant on a gullible, misinformed, uneducated voting public.
I do not believe it will work in this modern world where people have information at their fingertips, and the ability to review the debate on their own.
Anyone who looks at the debate can clearly see there was no clear winner, the smaller party leaders performed the strongest, and the biggest loser was the one who sounded like an over enthusiastic game show host!
She'd do better not drawing the people's attention to the debate at all!
Rating: +117
Only a complete fool would believe such a ridiculous headline or anything Christy says but there are a lot of real dumb naive people out there and the Libs know this, this is why they target the idiots, hopefully the people will wake up on election day
Rating: +109
Rick in Richmond
One issue will suffice. It distinguishes the NDP from the Liberals, and is worth every attention.

It is the question of public power vs private power. BC Hydro was first proposed by the CCF/NDP, and enacted by WAC Bennett in 1961. Thanks to BC Hydro and the principle of public power, we enjoy among the lowest electricity rates in North America. It is an extraordinary advantage to our people, and our economy.

In the last ten years, the Liberals have attempted to revert to private power. They forced on BC Hydro privately-owned run-of-river schemes, and forced Hydro to pay for those watts at guaranteed and inflated rates. These private owners are thus guaranteed access to the grid, with guaranteed profits and minimal cost to themselves.

In turn, BC Hydro is forced to take that power at inordinate cost to the people.

The REAL concern is the Liberal policy that sees a return to privatization of our water and power resources. The NDP will stop that kamikaze policy. The Liberals will widen it.

For this reason alone, the Liberals must be defeated on May 14. Like air, the water and its benefits belongs to every one of us.
Rating: +169
doctoring online poll results is like taking a negative ad out against yourself. we all know what the real polls reveal. they are just voluntarily telling the world that they can't be trusted.
Rating: +94
Clark is not stupid, she is sticking to a political strategy that offers a bout the only hope she has. The NDP is most vulnerable on economic issues and it is in this area that she might win back some of her base.
Rating: -112
Salish Sea Sam
Judging a politician on how well they talk is like having a used car salesman for a spiritual advisor.
Rating: +82
Sorry. There's only one 'Comeback kid.' His name is Bill Clinton.
Rating: +54
Meh. Jack Layton did it first.
Rating: +4
"And she demonstrated remarkable political street smarts to rise to such a lofty position in our province"..... She is not an elected Premier she is an appointed Premier.
Rating: +55


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