NDP Leader Adrian Dix puts Christy Clark's Vancouver–Point Grey seat in jeopardy

Today, NDP Leader Adrian Dix ramped up his criticism of the B.C. Liberal party's position on oil tankers along B.C.'s coastline.

In so doing, he's sent a direct message to voters of Lower Mainland constituencies, including Christy Clark's, that they should dump their B.C. Liberal MLAs if they're concerned about another Exxon Valdez–style accident fouling local waterways.

In a party news release, Dix "challenged Premier Clark to tell British Columbians where she stands on Kinder Morgan’s plans to dramatically expand oil tanker traffic off BC’s south coast, and on the Enbridge pipeline that would do the same off the north coast".

“The BC NDP does not support a radical transformation of the ports of Metro Vancouver into major oil export facilities,” Dix said in the news release. “The revised Kinder Morgan proposal would significantly increase tanker traffic passing by Stanley Park. Nor do we support ending the moratorium on oil tanker traffic on our North Coast."

He characterized Clark's stance on pipelines as "trust me". 

“But if the price from Ottawa or Alberta is right, she’s prepared to support a massive increase in tankers and the environmental risks that they pose," he claimed.

There are political implications that flow from Dix taking this position in advance of the election.

Three Lower Mainland constituencies that the NDP is hoping to take away from the B.C. Liberals have a large number of environmentally minded voters: Vancouver-Point Grey, Vancouver-Fairview, and North Vancouver–Lonsdale.

In all three cases, the NDP has recruited star candidates with impressive green credentials.

Civil-rights lawyer David Eby is hoping to defeat Clark in Point Grey, which includes the main UBC campus.

George Heyman, who's been executive director of the Sierra Club of B.C., is challenging the health minister, Dr. Margaret MacDiarmid, in Vancouver-Fairview.

This is the same constituency represented by Gregor Robertson from 2005 to 2008—and it's full of middle-class and upper-middle-class cyclists like Robertson, who care about climate change.

City of North Vancouver councillor and Langara history professor Craig Keating is taking on the minister of state for small business, Naomi Yamamoto, in North Vancouver–Lonsdale. The City of North Vancouver has one of Canada's greenest municipal governments, thanks in large part to Keating and the mayor, Darrell Mussatto.

Dix's criticism of the Enbridge and Kinder Morgan pipeline plans is solidifying their candidacies and threatening the premier's job as the MLA in Vancouver–Point Grey. Her constituency stretches west from Arbutus Street between Kits Beach and West 16th Avenue—an area heavily populated by environmentalists.

The NDP's stance will also help with aboriginal voters, who are, by and large, opposed to pipeline projects.

Keating's constituency includes a Squamish Reserve, and North Vancouver–Lonsdale's eastern boundary isn't far from the Tsleil-Waututh Reserve.

The Musqueam Reserve is just south of Vancouver–Point Grey.

Aboriginal people comprised five percent of the provincial population in the 2006 census.

In certain areas, such as Prince George, the percentage of residents of aboriginal descent exceeded 10 percent in 2006.

Dix needed to do something for these voters after mostly sidestepping the Idle No More movement and not calling for a ban on fish farms along wild-salmon migration routes.

Native voters can conceivably swing seats in the NDP's favour in up to 10 or more constituencies.

This point seems to be lost on B.C. Liberals, who've been quick to slam Dix's stance on pipelines.

It's one more reason why the NDP will probably win the election on May 14.

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Just Wondering
Go get them Adrian! Credibility is on your side!
Rating: +78
She is the Sarah Palin of BC.
Rating: +90
In Vancouver-Point Grey, the NDP have campaigned like never before, and succeeded in working with a record number of UBC students to mail in their Vancouver-Point ballot for NDP candidate David Eby, before leaving for their home province. After all, UBC students have a vested interest in the outcome of the BC election, and in the case of the students who live in student housing, or elsewhere in the riding, during the course of the school year, it is important that they feel enfranchised, and that there voices are heard loud and clear on election day, May 14th!
Rating: +67
Ojala verde
Libs may squeak by with a win but Clark will lose her seat cause women voters hate her.
Rating: -17
I had to laugh at Mr. Dix's presser from kits beach this morning. There were the usual dozen or so ships anchored of the coast (container ships and yes I counted at least one oil tanker). The NDP roadies and camera crew seemed quite perplexed as to how to shoot the footage without including the ships in the background. After viewing the footage, it seems they managed to shoot a nicely deceptive advertorial with tight shots and camera angles to minimize the ships waiting to enter port. Having lived off kits beach for 25 years, the only environmental issues I have observed is the junk that has washed ashore from the squatters that anchor in their sailboats. A few weeks back, one sank and the small beach by the Marine Museum was littered with medical supplies, styrofoam plastic bottles and various parts other parts of the sunken squatters boat. After the last few windy days, I see sunset beach is now plagued with a squatters boat that was washed up and now sits empty on the beach.
Rating: -62
Earl Richards
There will be no Exxon Valdez's in the waters between Vancouver Island and the mainland. It is time to get-off oil and gasoline. Plug your Tesla S, electric car into your household, 6.88KW solar array.
Rating: +47
Coastal F.N
Dix is the one not to be trusted. NDP not clear on position of LNG and How Economy will rebound. Economy on Northwest coast terrible for a number of years but wait what do you in lowermainland care?
Rating: -86
Captain of the post-election "review" speaks up.
Dix is challenging someone else to take a stand on an issue. Now that's rich.
Rating: -63
John G
I voted Liberal last election, but after Clark put all her hopes in fracking and LNG, I, along with many others, will vote NDP or Green on May 14th. The Environment and Green Energy economy are very important to us, and only Dix and Sterk seem to care about BC's environment.
Rating: +59
Christy will sell us out not nesecarily to the highest bidder .
Rating: +40
Rating: -56
Keith Maxwell
The NDP are like Chickenpox - you remember them as being vaguely unpleasant in your youth, but if they come back now that you're an adult they're going to be as painful as Shingles! Dix is on a rampage of expensive promises and wants to borrow to pay for them - this when the economy is growing and unemployment is dropping. Irresponsible - add that to forgery and fare dodging. No thanks! I'd rather have the conniving Liberals!
Rating: -48
conniving liberals
No thanks, at least as a youth there where opportunities open to the up and coming but with the BC Liberals many have had to move away. Unemployment sits at 15% for youth and the highest cost of living says few will have their pay day. BC unemployment is second highest in country and thanks to the carbon tax hard to compete with other provinces.
Who knew BC Liberals new era of prosperity meant BC residents would be way over their heads in household debt? The highest in the country with a size able hole in the last budget despite cutting valuable services while BC kids are left to fend for themselves. Dix isn't planning on borrowing but putting it back to the programs where money came from instead of to the job eating corporations. Corporations care, tell that to the 600 dead and then will take your tax dollars and happily screw you with off shore accts for the rest.
Rating: +27
Has everyone forgotten the last few years since this unelected premier took office; what of the broken contracts and the HST propagated by Ms. Clark and her predecessor Mr. Campbell? What of the BC Rail Scandal and it's eventual whitewash....do we really believe she was not involved? Have we forgotten the bid to sell off BC Liquor distribution. What of the staggering cost overrides with our stadium roof and the Vancouver Convention Center? How is BC Ferries being handled presently? Sure the Liberals have bolstered funds for big business, but what of those who support the infrastructure, our teachers, office staff working in government offices, nurses and doctors? The Liberals would have you think they are a dime a dozen and expendable; does anyone know how long it takes to educate an anesthesiologist or a teacher and what of the funding cuts for education that grace our TV screens nightly? School closures, more portables on the grounds of other. Yes education has taken a hit and the 10 year attacks on teacher continue in favour of the corporate bottom line and shareholders. Wasn't it Ms. Clark who launched attacks on education more than 10 years ago as an Education Minister who has never completed her own education? Voting her in a premier will most assuredly see her continue this attack. What of the many investigations and coverups? The list goes on and on and on folks; the Lie-berals have had their opportunity time and time again, yet continue to evade huge issues such as a potential oil spill off our coast. These happen all the time; how can we be so bold to say it won't here. For more information regarding the "Liberal Risk" take some time and read Alex Tsakumis commentaries online, you'll get some real insight. Vote well, vote wisely!
Rating: +49
If there is a God...
Christy Clark won't be an MLA on May 15 and neither will most of the Socred "Liberals"
Rating: +28
Scotty on Denman
Last time a party got taken out behind the woodshed, critical masses of voters flooded out of the governing NDP and into the perennially fringe Green party, which got over 21% of votes cast in Van-Pt Grey during the 2001 election that nearly exterminated the NDP and dramatically ushered in the BC Liberals. Van-Pt Grey elected the Premier thrice more, the last time in a by-election a decade later to replace a disgraced Gordon Campbell; but polls and elections have shown Green numbers declining almost vote per vote as the NDP slowly resurrected from near-death. As we approach what looks like a big win for the NDP, the Greens have exhaled all of that huge toke it took when it peaked a dozen years ago. It remains to be seen if the next breath will inhale the pall of votes now billowing out of the BC Liberal pyre. The difference between now and those heady days of 2001 is that the BC Conservatives won't allow the Greens to bogart this time.

Van-Pt Grey effectively holds the future of the BC right in its hands. It makes a huge difference in how the right will reassemble itself by whether Christy wins this seat or not. If she does, there'll be tumult amongst the resultant divisions on the right, possibly complicated by a Conservatives winning a seat or two in this or some other riding.
Rating: +11
Ke Dongshan
After 12 years of selling off our province's assets and producing a wide gap between the rich and poor, AND denying opportunities to people under the guise of prosperity, the recent poll results are flabbergasting. Are people so short of memory as to let a 7 point gap exist between the NDP and Lieberals, when it should be 70?
Rating: +21
I just returned from a trip through the Cariboo and Bulkley Valley to Kitimat. There is a major contrast of comments between people who get up early and work hard to earn a living from those in Vancouver. The people in the Interior and North remember how inept previous NDP gov's. were. I noticed a few signs "No Enbridge" but all were in yards with half-a-dozen cars and pickups plus that many more derelicts.(a wheel off - hood up etc.)I wondered how those people got to the store to buy the paint. (didn't see any horses) Most of the native bands are now on side with the pipeline, it seems those setting their hair on fire are safely located in the Greater Vancouver area and can cycle or walk to work. I didn't find a single one of my former construction worker buddies who admitted they were going to vote NDP. NOT ONE!! It's a different world once you leave Vancouver. If the comments posted in the Straight were the whole story it would be a landslide for Dix. Maybe not.

Rating: -17
LNG is a waste of time. To extract it we need multi billions in infrastructure which means foreign oil company investment. To compete we have to lower the price to nearly nothing. The government would get a small stipend, the oil companies would make trillions and a handful of employees would get a salary. That's it.

The small stipend the BC govt would get would be blown by the corrupt liberals on campaigning, helicopters and private jet rides, higher salaries for themselves and the rest would be spent fighting off lawsuits from foreign oil companies violating enviro agreements and suing us if we tried to make them compliant. Surely there is a better way to make money from BC resources than giving away everything to the oil companies.
Rating: +49
A vote for the Liberal Party is a vote for fracking and new coal mines.
A vote for the NDP is a vote for fracking and new coal mines.
Only the Green Party wants us to focus on a low carbon economy.
You should feel good after you have voted.
Rating: -21


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