B.C. Liberals win fourth consecutive majority government

The B.C. Liberals have stunned many people across the province by winning a resounding election victory.

Leader Christy Clark was counted out by many pundits. By appealing to the base with a relentless message of economic growth, she led her party to a surprise victory.

The B.C. Liberals have followed in the footsteps of incumbent parties in Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario that were reelected in 2012 after appearing to be behind in the polls.

With 6,919 of 11,331 ballot boxes counted, the B.C. Liberals have 44.66 percent of the vote, compared to 38.98 percent for the NDP, 7.73 percent for the Greens, and 5.12 percent for the B.C. Conservatives.

The B.C. Liberals look like they'll win approximately 50 of the 85 seats, but there are still many uncounted votes.

The NDP's share of the popular vote has fallen from 2005 and 2009, when the party under former leader Carole James captured 42 percent.

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Hand count needed.
Rating: +7
Rating: -12
the people of bc are pathetic losers and deserve this government because they haven't got the balls to get out and VOTE don't bother complaining fro the next 4 years when you could have done something to change it and you sat on your ass and did fuck all.
Rating: +3
What a Joke!
BC Voters repeatedly elected a Neo-Con convicted Drunk Driver and now the Federal Cons Ms.Puppet in a majority.

The NDP should have been uber aggressive about the Deficits & Scandals like BC Rail.

Instead the NDP and Dix tried to play nice against uber Neo-Cons.

You fight Fire with Fire NDP / Dix not ignore it idiot.
Rating: +11
M. Collie
I would like my share of the prosperity fund to be paid out in antidepressants. In the meantime, please research the possibility of exporting my Liquified Salty Tears.
Rating: -1
it is like a bad canuck victory in game 7
Rating: -2
James G
A bit premature depending upon the advance poll results but if it holds, there is no doubt the NDP had it to lost and did. Never mind the collapse of the BC Conservatives and never mind the rise of the Green Party. This was due to the inward and insular nature of the party leadership. They have come a long way federally as a party open to new members and new ideas but not so provincially. Time to open up to people who share the ideals of a Matt Toner and Andrew Weaver. This is the way forward, not battening down the hatches and then being forced into coalitions and alliances.

Remember how adamant that Ed Broadbent and others were that no mere former provincial Liberal could lead them? Remember how they insisted that instead, Brian Topp, an unknown quantity to almost all Canadians could easily stand in for Jack Layton? It ignored the fact that Layton spent a life running in elections and met people across the country as president of the Federation of Canadian municipalities. Brian Topp was a backroom guy who never stood before voters. Because the party culture is so insular, they assumed the electorate would connect the dots as easily as they did.!

Topp ran a failed campaign for his own leadership aspirations which might just have succeeded if he had run for the open seat in Toronto Danforth, or if he had had the foresight to enter his name into one of the Quebec ridings in the 2011 federal election. He did not win the subsequent race for federal leader.

Then, the BC NDP, with more knowledge and experience about it's opponents, the hostile press and the political terrain here than it required, went and hired Mr. Topp. Well, even if his own record had been more stellar, hiring from within instead of looking for the best wasn't the right approach.

Going with the "Let's Sing Kumbaya"/Wasn't Jack Layton's Legacy Great? approach to the rough and tumble of BC politics was never smart. The NDP came into the election armed to the teeth with issues and hardly fired a shot. Yet, it's not just Topp and it's not just Broadbent. The NDP has to stop talking to itself and its long term supporters and start talking to Canadians of every kind.

There ended up being too much promised in terms of spending, too little fightback in political advertising and too much of tiny groups of the same people haggling over dinner about policy. A bad day for BC!
Rating: +19
Stockholm Syndrome in BC
I can't believe this result. Are the people of this province masochistic idiots or do they just like being victims. Cheers to the 1% because they are the main beneficiaries.
Rating: 0
Even though I have been doubting the sure prediction of Liberal loss, I am shocked. I guess one lesson is not to rely in polls. The only good poll is an exit poll!

Another might be: charisma counts.

On the up side, my personal favourite, Mayor McBikelane, is looking better and better as the premier after this premier.
Rating: -9
Ali Said
Looks like Chrissy may lose... so it's the best of both world... sweet indeed. Veniez will eat his hat.
Rating: -13
apathetic bc registered voters who did not go out and vote... guess you don't have the right to complain whatsoever! you just gave the liberals permission to make our lives even more miserable for the next four years. thanks a lot!
Rating: +12
What a Joke!
@Stockholm...I go with Idiots...given the $100 Billion in PPP Guaranteed Power Contracts (Debt) that the Fieberals saddled the Idiots who voted for them with.

Not to mention the record Deficits on top of that $100 Billion.

Which leaves zero Dollars for Education & HealthCare that the Neo-Cons will NOT fund or pay for.

Meanwhile the Puppet Masters in the Fed Cons will be jumping with glee now that they have installed their Crusty Puppet.
Rating: +12
Billy Bones
Time for a rating agency downgrade on the massive debt that BC Liberals have racked up and will continue to rack up. So much for the "free enterprise party" that is actually making us debt slaves.

I am not positive about the future of this formerly great province. How poor little milf get reelected I'll never know.
Rating: +46
Voter participation is lower than ever, and no, your ideas for online voting aren't going to happen because there is no way to guarantee digital voting security in an election. Especially when this region has a lot of foreign special interest. China would love for us to start online voting, I'm sure the same "redteam" of hackers they use to break into US infrastructure and the Prime Minister's emails would love to meddle with our election to guarantee their allies who protect regime oil and telecom interests are elected.

Online voting would also be victim to a denial of service attack guaranteed. Any idiot could take down election apps/servers to get themselves attention. Panic would set in and the entire vote would have to be re-done, almost certainly with regular paper ballots. A smart attacker would make the traffic appear to be from another country in order provoke a trade feud, or make a political statement.

The only method I can see being even considered, would be to fork litecoin/bitcoin/ripple and modify the software so only a transparent entity can premine the voting coins. This would at least leave a pseudo anonymous trail to follow for anybody to analyze, would be difficult to spam or ddos because it would be decentralized, would use 2-factor auth to reduce fraud and cryptocurrency security has already been tested in the real world since 2010. That said, this project would have to be completely open for peer review and even then I wouldn't 100% trust it because you leave it open to foreign intervention as compared to secure, offline paper votes.

For those idiots that say 'I can bank online why can't I vote' yeah you should really research how terrible security SSL is. It's from the 1990s. Banks also lose multi million per year to fraud. You can't have any fraud in an election. Wars are fought over the results either in the streets by protesters or with arms in some countries. Democracy isn't a bank app
Rating: +12
I am so proud of the voters of BC. I was really scared they would forget the nightmare of the 90s and put our future in the hands of people that would once again crater our economy. Apparently we all have long memories and sound reasoning. Congrats BC! You made the right choice!
Rating: -8
Do you think Gordon Wilson will take any credit for this? Should he? What sinecure should he receive?
Rating: -21
James M James
I can't believe it. I won't be moving back to live in Canada again any time soon.
Rating: -2
"How poor little milf get reelected I'll never know."

Oooooh, no, no. No! You call yourself progressive, but to refer to the officebearer in one of the highest civilian ranks as "little milf" is...uncool. Right? Slip of the tongue, no doubt.
Rating: +5
Low Voter Turnout
This is exactly what happens when most people don't vote. People on the North Shore & in Richmond are brainwashed indeed.
Rating: +7
Not Christy Clark! Not again!
What the hell? What the fuck happened? What a waste. What a sham. Could it get any worse? Recount. This can't be happening. BC what is wrong with you?! Another four years with CC?! People said they wanted change. People said they don't want oil tankers, pipelines and mines. This election and the results had to be rigged. I can't believe it. Who are these people that haven't learned anything over the past four years? Why would you do this? Again? Unbelievable. Oh no. Not again. No. No. No. No. This can't be happening. Please. Wake me from this fucking nightmare. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse in BC with CC. This government is building our coffins and driving the hearse.

Rating: -10


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