B.C. Liberals celebrate majority win, Christy Clark loses Point Grey battle

Christy Clark greeted a crowd of cheering B.C. Liberal supporters Tuesday night, as the party celebrated a surprise majority win in the May 14 election.


“Well, that was easy,” Clark quipped to the packed ballroom at the Sheraton Wall Centre in downtown Vancouver as she began her speech.

But as the Liberal leader delivered her remarks, the voting results in her own constituency of Vancouver-Point Grey showed her in a tight race with the NDP’s David Eby. And at about 1 a.m., results from all 147 ballot boxes indicated Eby was ahead by 785 votes.

“We did it,” Eby tweeted at about 1:15 a.m. “Thank you team! Thank you Vancouver Point Grey!”

Clark did not speak to the Point Grey results during her speech, but told the crowd that the B.C. Liberals have “received a mandate”.

“Now, ladies and gentlemen, our work has just begun, because the work begins anew with this strong new team, with a renewed party, a renewed mandate, and the confidence of British Columbians to build this economy, to make sure that we live in the province that we all dreamed of for our children,” she stated.

The win for the Liberals Tuesday night came after polls throughout the election campaign placed the NDP with a strong lead over the governing Liberals.

Former Vancouver mayor Sam Sullivan, who was elected in Vancouver-False Creek, told reporters that he had “almost resigned that it was not going to be, that we couldn’t win”.

“I feel that somebody’s risen from the dead, and we now have new life, and a new mandate,” he said.

In total, the B.C. Liberals claimed 50 seats Tuesday, while the NDP won 33, according to preliminary voting results from Elections B.C.

Other newly-elected B.C. Liberals include former Vancouver city councillor Suzanne Anton in Vancouver-Fraserview and former B.C. Liberal party president Andrew Wilkinson in Vancouver-Quilchena.

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Something doesnt sit right with the results of the BC election. With all that was at stake I question if the vote was tampered with.
Rating: -72
Alan Layton
No need for conspiracy theories. The low voter turnout is probably part of the reason the Liberals won. I think that too many people figured it was a done deal and were too lazy to vote. Those who were worried about an NDP win did come out and in high numbers. I think Ipsos-Reid is the big loser in all of this.
Rating: +21
BC Votes
Under our system of Government (Westminster) any majority is in fact a Dictatorship for the Government.

48% Voter turnout ensures the 1% remain in power via their Puppet Corporate Welfare Record Deficit Neo-Cons.

Any Voters who voted Green ensured that
(A) they split the left Vote and

(B) Ensuring the exact opposite of Environmental Safety happens

(c) The Green Voters have ensured Pipelines and increased Oil Tanker Traffic, is that what they Voted for?

The NDP and the left better learn to play hardball being nice and positive is nice but does not work.

The NDP & Dix should have attacked the lying Scambell Fib-erals about...

- BC Rail Scandal with the $6 Mill in Legal Fees with No Trial!

- $100 Billion in Debt for PPP Guaranteed Power Contracts to be paid for by us the 99% for the benefit of the 1% Private for Profit Corporations.

- The Record Deficits of the Neo-Cons Fib-erals. Strong Economy Secure Tomorrow my Ass!

Elections Voting should be held over the Weekends for the last Voting Day to increase Voter Turnout.

The majority of Voters never voted in this election any suggestions on how to mobilize Voters? How bad does it have to get?

Rating: -26
Fantastic results! The province will continue with a positive business forward attitude! It was spared the socialist hordes that were screaming at the gates: "Give me free everything!"
Rating: -25

It's fitting that Ms. Clark won. Now she and her Liberals can get busy making us "debt-free".
Rating: -13
Sorry Lawrence, no conspiracy here. The NDP tries to win power by convincing 40% of the population that they are entitled to a higher standard of living then they have earned. In this election the other 60% prevented the backroom socialist boy and girls from grabbing power and screwing up the Province.
Rating: +2
NDB that bad
As much as I hate the Liberals (and I really do), i hate the NDP more. I didnt vote because I couldnt in good conscience vote for either side. That said I think a lot of people feel the way I do but unlike me decided to vote hence the least worst choice winning. If Gordon Campbell lead the race Liberals would have lost for sure.

The NDB is just archaic, and lead by total losers. Seriously if they couldnt win an election under these conditions they will never win. I mean how much worse does their opponent have to be to win?

Im sure a lot of people here will cry foul being that the GS is a severe left leaning publications and attracts as such, but the fact is the NDB is just that bad. The Liberals are terrible, but the NDB is even worse.

Rating: +3
She will be Canadas PM eventually
Rating: -32
Lawrence, what doesn't sit right, is that you lost. With the vote going 6 percentage points higher to the Liberals, it goes well beyond any vote tampering, and in fact looks like democracy.
Rating: -2
April S
I tend to agree with Lawrence, I was not ID'd at the door or when getting my ballot. I only said who I was... in reality I COULD have been anyone, hell I COULD have cast multiple votes and no one would know because no one checked. At least not at central heights in Abbotsford.
Another flaw the party I liked did... the local candidates were surprisingly quiet. Most people will not vote just for a name.. especially if they are mute.. the people want a voice, someone who speaks out for them.
I was extremely saddened with the poll turn outs as well.. seriously are people that lazy that they do not care about even having the tiniest of says in their own future???
Rating: -17
If the NDP could not win this time, with perfect conditions, it really brings into question its very existence!
Rating: +13
economy economy economy...
Rating: -1
@ Anonymouse:

I guess you don't follow sports.

In sports, the underdog typically attracts a lot of support. In this BC election, political pollsters and media pundits told us all that the BC Liberal/cons were undedogs.
Rating: -4
Maybe, but none of the NDP supporters would vote for the Liberal/cons. This means the NDP got all the votes it could muster and if the non NDP can get along and form a coalition no matter how fragmented, the NDP will remain in the wilderness with a significant % of the vote. They can only win if the right is divided!
Rating: +7
Alan Layton
AprilS - either you had the worst recording officer in the world or you're lying. Besides, how would this alleged incident guarantee a Liberal win? Put away the conspiracy theories and accept the reality. And that goes for everyone who is complaining about our voting system. If people are too lazy to put out 15 minutes of their time to vote then they get what they deserve.
Rating: +3
we chose...
the devil we know. although we left the sorceres without a seat.
Rating: -15
@April...Every political party is allowed to send scrutineers to every poll. Their job is to observe, challenge, and report any irregularities in voting. They're present when you vote, and they're present when the ballot boxes are unsealed and counted.

Had their been even small levels of voter fraud, the scrutineers would have been the first to raise bloody hell. The fact the NDP haven't even alluded to voter fraud is enough to show there was none.
Rating: +8
not surprised the ndp is crying fraud, negative advertising, etc. In reality, the ndp was their own worst enemy. They crow about no negative advertising, yet all I've heard during the past year is people calling Christy Clark and her government all kinds of nasty names(especially here on the left leaning Straight). Really, where was the negative advertising from the liberals? What, the weathervane commercial??? That was very poorly done and virtually ineffective. Talking about the events of the past is not negative, it's reality. No, what did the ndp in was their arrogance and lack of clear ideas. "I'm not her" is not an advertising campaign. The ndp wants to study making union votes public knowledge. What's there to study??? A secret ballot is the cornerstone of democracy, yet the ndp wants to scuttle that to please their union cronies??? And Adrian Dix flip flopping on a whim about the pipeline issue shows an immature thinking and analyzing process. But then, he proved that before he resigned in disgrace and took the severance money. Really, why do you deserve money from the taxpayers when you have to resign in disgrace for betraying their trust??? Then he dismisses it all during the debate as the actions of a mere 35 year old. Jeez, get real!! And the members of the party thought he was their best candidate??? And it certainly didn't help that they just two months ago got around to striking the word "socialist" from their charter. Too little, too late. Changing words doesn't change your beliefs. I think the ndp's main problem now is for the true believers to wrest control of their party away from the unions. Really, to drop 28 points in 4 weeks is a sign of major problems. Congratulations Christy!!!
Rating: -10
m l johnstone
Shit Happens !!
now we will have more roads, more cars,more trucks, more NOISE, more pollution, more road kills and injuries,more housing problems, more crime,more junk food, more trinkets from China, more...
Rating: -12
Billy Bones
BC Votes is right about most things here I think.

I think the BC Liberals basically got a free ride back into power because they really didn't have to defend all their gigantic abuse of public funds and money wasting endeavours. The $700,000,000 roof on BC Place and the refusing of the name as Telus Place for $40,000,000 is just one of a hundred scandal grenades the NDP could have used in debate or "attack" the BC Liberals but for some reason didn't.

Carol James was nice and got flattened just like Dix. It's actually the job of the opposition to oppose and be a strong critic of the government. If the opposition doesn't attack then they aren't really an opposition and they aren't doing their job.

Should you "play clean and nice" to an attack from home invading thugs with weapons?

The BC Liberals have learned how to manipulate the voters and work to keep their non opposition at bay which seems quite easy actually because the average British Columbian just isn't too swift. Sorry.

George Carlin said think about how smart the average person is and remember that half the people are dumber than the average person.

The NDP never got enough votes out too. People are too complacent. Hockey is used to distract voters as a spectator sport but politics is far more important. In many countries people would envy our voting system but 52% of the people here couldn't get to the polling station. This is a disgrace and this works for the BC Liberals.

Rating: -1


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