James Moore receives a major economic portfolio in Stephen Harper cabinet shuffle

Port Moody–Coquitlam–Port Coquitlam MP James Moore has received a promotion, becoming industry minister in the Conservative government.

His move from Canadian Heritage, where he oversaw cuts to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, is one of many significant moves in today's cabinet shuffle. It's being billed as giving a younger look to the Conservative government.

The former industry minister, Christian Paradis, has become international development minister.

Abbotsford MP Ed Fast remains the minister of international trade, which leaves B.C. with two major economic portfolios. And Vancouver Island North MP John Duncan is back in cabinet as the government whip.

The other new B.C. minister is Kerry-Lynne Findlay, who takes over responsibility for national revenue.

In a surprise move, Peter MacKay and Rob Nicholson swapped portfolios, with MacKay taking over justice and attorney general and Nicholson moving to defence.

Former ambassador to Afghanistan, Chris Alexander, is the new minister of citizenship and immigration. He's one of eight new faces in cabinet.

His predecessor, Jason Kenney, has been moved to employment and social development after ramping up the temporary-foreign-worker program and increasing the list of countries that immigrants can be deported to.

Another newcomer, Kellie Leitch, becomes labour minister. Lisa Raitt has moved to transport.

Vic Toews, who sometimes got into trouble for his extreme right-wing views on granting police greater surveillance powers, has been replaced as public safety minister by another newcomer to cabinet, Steven Blaney.

And filling Toews's spot as a key Manitoba minister is Shelly Glover, who is the new heritage minister.

Former broadcaster Peter Kent was dropped as environment minister. He's been replaced by former health minister Leona Aglukkaq, who has led a federal charge against supervised-injection sites.

Her position has been filled by Rona Ambrose, who used to be the minister of public works.

Others who were dropped were Stephen Fletcher, former minister of state for transport, and Gordon O'Connor, who was replaced by Duncan.

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Can't stand him, don't know what he has ever done for BC , let alone his riding, ( of which we are constituents) .
Rating: +7
Don't think cabinet shuffle will help Mr. Harper and party. He must answer so many questions truthfully about the Duffy , Wallin senate mess etc. before Canadians will be happy with his government. He has done good things but just too many "iffy" things now to be comfortable with his governing.
Rating: -1
Rick in Richmond
It would be a mistake to cast Mr Moore in with every backward-looking conservative in Ottawa.

He is thoroughly bilingual, and holds bachelor's and master's degrees in Poli Sci.

In 2012 he voted against the Tory backbench bill that would have declared a fetus a person.

In March of this year he voted in favour of an NDP bill protecting trans rights.

And way back in 2004, he voted in favour of marriage equality, issued a thoughtful statement on the subject, and has defended it ever since.

He is not a typical Harperite. In many (not all) ways he is a libertarian who seems unafraid of bucking his own party on issues (like gay marriage) that speak to human dignity and personal freedom.

There is more to Moore than meets ordinary expectations.
Rating: -4
So he has pieces of paper from 3rd rate universities and he voted against a bill with no chance of passing and issues that of wildly exagerated importance
Rating: +5
Michael Puttonen
From the minutes of the Standing Committee on Heritage, June 5, 2013:

"All of what's happening in regard to the transformation of the Museum of Civilization into a Canadian museum of history is in the context of the broader undercutting of the role of Canadian heritage institutions. Here I speak of Library and Archives Canada, which we've spoken about on many occasions, which has a national campaign called Canada's Past Matters; the cuts to archeology and heritage sites as a result of the cuts to Parks Canada; the closure of federal departmental libraries; the reduction of public access to libraries; the elimination of the inter-library loan system at our National Library; and the elimination of granting programs for local and regional archives. All of these are part of a context that gives us concern about what's happening." ---James L. Turk (Executive Director, Canadian Association of University Teachers):
Rating: -7
Third rate universities? UNBC and USask are hardly third rate, unless you would like to suggest that Canada has no first or second rate universities. Morgus ought to refrain from a snotty attitude towards universities. As for Moore, he provided strong leadership to the Heritage Ministry, especially his push to coordinate Canadian museums. I think he deserves being bumped up the chain. He has also done well on many interviews, particularly regarding the CBC. BC should be pleased he is in cabinet.
Rating: -8
Martin Dunphy

Re: Heritage Ministry. See Michael, above.
Rating: +1
New actors take the stage. Will the show be better when the director, producer, writer, and dialogue coach remain the same?

Will one of the players ad-lib their role in effort to revive a B grade reality show?

New faces and voices will never change the play until somebody is willing to steal the show.
Rating: -1
This is like putting lipstick on a pig...
Harper is worried about Trudeau 's ability to attract a younger demographic.
Harpoon has appointed Jason (napoleon) Kenny to take the axe to his new brief.
Jason is Harpoon's little hitboy. Expect him to leave a wake.
But Harpoon is not stupid. He is also putting Jason on notice , as Jason did not step up in the House during Mike Duffy's and Nigel Wright scandal.
Harpoon is clearly worried> I guessing that he seen some polling stats. recently and it doesn't look good.
The average age of that votes NeoCon must be pretty high and they are all going to the big country club in the sky.
If they can do mobile banking in Kenya , why can't they allow people to vote electronically ?
I guess it's in the NeoCon's interest not to have electronic voting in BC.
CHARLIE: Why don't you write about what you think Harpoon's game plan is.
Rating: +1
Martin, I see Michael, above, who's rather mindless contribution is to quote James Turk, always wielding an axe to grind against the government. I have met Turk, and have yet to agree with his interpretation of reality. Unless you suffer from the fallacy that any and every cur in public expenditure is evil, this quote offers very little.
Rating: +3
Hahha not a typical conservative? give us all a break!!! he is as died in the wool reformer as they come. A former right wing radio host(BC is full of those) and reform party foot soldier. Its just that the "majority community" in the suburban riding that he runs in would even elect a dumb doll if it had the CONservative name on it.

He aint bringing nothing to BC as Harper hates the left coast in his heart of hearts and he knows that ridings like Moore's will stay conservative anyway. This gov. in its 7 years has brought in the least amount of investment this way, the last projects that were finished a few years ago were started under the Martin government. Besides Ottawa is in deep financial mess now, well it has been since 2007 even before the recession when Steve and Jim squandered all the surplus accumulated over the years by the Liberals. Then the recession hit a year and a half later and the fiscal cushion was just not there to weather that storm as the coffers had already been emptied and the consequence is the largest amount of debt accumulation in the shortest period of time in Canadian history and people still somehow are led to believe that Harper is an economist(he never had a real job as an economist) and that Canada has been saved. Canadian bank regulations were put in place by the previous Lib and PC governments over decades, Harper had nothing to do with it in fact his party was busy deregulating and brining in 40 year zero percent down payment mortgages while the US was going down because of such policies the timing of the recession saved Canada as BOC and CMHC put an end to this madness.
Rating: +3
Michael Puttonen
Hey...here's another "mindless contribution" Edmund. Maybe you know this guy, too...

"...in May 2012 the Canadian Museum of Civilization's administrative structure was readjusted to no longer include a vice-president for Research and Collections. Research and Collections is now placed under the former vice-president, who is now a director general of Exhibitions and Programs. Furthermore, the current executive of the museum includes no member with research or collections expertise. It is unclear what the future of research will be at the museum, despite the substantive need for research both in itself and as the basis for exhibitions and programs of quality.

Bill C-49 provides a new and significantly reduced purpose: “to enhance Canadians’ knowledge, understanding and appreciation of events, experiences, people and objects that reflect and have shaped Canada’s history and identity, and also to enhance their awareness of world history and cultures”. It also has a narrower empowerment to “undertake or sponsor any research related to its purpose or to museology”. This language renders even research within the reduced mandate optional. It would be possible under this language for there to be no research undertaken within the museum itself, and it appears planned that research may become an adjunct to exhibitions, once they are decided upon, rather than the informed and critical basis from which they arise. --Dr. Lorne Holyoak (President, Canadian Anthropology Society):
Rating: +4
James Blatchford
I can see the LNG plant at Kits Point now...nice choice Mr. Harper.
Rating: +3
Michael Puttonen
A little more on J.M.s museum intiative...

“2.2.2 Purpose of the Canadian Museum of History
Clause 2 also amends section 8 to set out the purpose of the Canadian Museum of History. The section read:
"The purpose of the Canadian Museum of Civilization is to increase, throughout Canada and internationally, interest in, knowledge and critical understanding of and appreciation and respect for human cultural achievements and human behaviour by establishing, maintaining and developing for research and posterity a collection of objects of historical or cultural interest, with special but not exclusive reference to Canada, and by demonstrating those achievements and behaviour, the knowledge derived from them and the understanding they represent."

The amended section reads:

"The purpose of the Canadian Museum of History is to enhance Canadians’ knowledge, understanding and appreciation of events, experiences, people and objects that reflect and have shaped Canada’s history and identity, and also to enhance their awareness of world history and cultures.”
---Legislative Summary of Bill C-49: An Act to amend the Museums Act in order to establish the Canadian Museum of History and to make consequential amendments to other Acts

Mr. John McAvity (Executive Director, Canadian Museums Association) spoke at the Standing Committee on Heritage in favour of Bill C-49.

He said he had no problem with the changes in “purpose” (above) that have so many others upset, the changing of “knowledge and critical understanding of and appreciation and respect for human cultural achievements and human behaviour” to “knowledge, understanding and appreciation of events, experiences, people and objects” in particular:

“It meets the needs and it defines pretty well all of the potential issues that would come up,” he testified.

Yet, go to the Canadian Museums Association homepage, and right there under the big title “Museums are...” the CMA states:

“As educational institutions, museums provide a physical forum for critical inquiry and investigation.”

President McAvity’s Canadian Museum Association states that “critical inquiry” is integral to what “Museums are...” in their mission statement.

But he says it’s o.k. to expunge “critical understanding” from the mandate for the Canadian Museum of History.

Forget it. Let's go.... Forget it. It’s Harperland, Jake.
Rating: +12
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