Environment Canada meteorologist rejects Bill Vander Zalm’s chemtrail theory

Looking skyward comes as second nature to Bill Vander Zalm.

When you’re in the plant business, as he is, what’s in the heavens is important, be it “rain, sunshine, or some foreign thing,” the former B.C. premier explains.

A number of days ago, he filed freedom-of-information requests asking both federal and provincial governments whether they’ve been engaged in some sort of climate-control engineering.

Vander Zalm wants to know whether chemicals are being sprayed by aircraft, leaving visible, cloudlike trails in the skies. Many observers call these “chemtrails”.

If no such thing is happening, and the trails are nothing but condensation (or “contrails”) left by passing planes, Vander Zalm wants to hear that officially.

The federal and provincial governments have confirmed receipt of his request, the former premier said.

“Governments will go ahead and do things, particularly in the name of climate control or, you know, for the sake of agriculture or whatever other excuse they can use,” Vander Zalm told the Straight by phone. “They’ll keep it a secret, and they’ll go ahead and do it anyway.”

As a meteorologist with Environment Canada, David Jones has dealt with many inquiries from the public about condensation trails.

“It’s a waste of energy to pursue these things,” Jones told the Straight by phone.

The Vancouver-based weather expert said there’s nothing there but water vapour. “It’s really just plain stupid to think that you could alter the climate by, you know, somehow using aircraft to drop tiny droplets or particles in the massive volume that the atmosphere is,” Jones said. “I mean, it’s just ridiculous.”

A rally against “geoengineering and chemtrails” will be held on Sunday (August 25) outside the Vancouver Art Gallery, starting at 2 p.m. Vander Zalm said that he will not be able to attend.

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Rudy Haugeneder
Bill Vander Zalm is absolutely right. The Environment Canada weatherman is a flunky of a government and Prime Minister who deny the environment and climate are changing but, if Vander Zalm is correct, may consciously be part of -- or willfully ignoring -- a secret and atmospheric spraying program to slow it down.
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Bill, Rudy,

Stop listening to the Coast-to-Coast program.
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.. or, the simpler explanation is that burning jet fuel produces water vapor which condenses due to the low temperature. I suppose you also think that the white vapor which comes from your car's exhaust pipe during the winter is some kind of mind-control gas?
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Why would anyone believe a single thing that man would say. He is just someone with the ability to get public air. Bill go and tend your tulips and leave the running of the country to those with something other than dirt on their fingers. you lost at politics just go away please
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Kim Poirier
It isn't very helpful when Government scientists call people stupid for their questions. Dr Perry Kendall took the same attitude with people concerned about Fukushima
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I think this David Jones guy from Environment Canada has got to go. I pay taxes so this guy can call me and the millions of people around the world STUPID because we actually look up in the sky. FUKN' OUTRAGED!

You sit smug now David Jones, but when we crack this case wide open... You'll be one of the first people that will be fired because you are not fit to protect Canadian Environment. Who knows, you may even be sued or jailed for neglecting your duties to protect the environment.
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The Zombies that deny chem trails are fools of the highest order. They should just go back to sleep. I guess they believe that the money system is sound.
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This morning I awoke to a blue sky day on my boat north of Powell River near the Copeland Islands, with almost no clouds in the sky, But within a few hours jet trails sprayed the sky and spread until the sky was streaked with thin grey clouds and they are spraying as I type.

My family and I have been sailing around these islands for over eight years. Many time we have seen the trails from jets cloud our skies. I have written our leaders and the media with little attention. Here is a link to our blog to verify who i am and our lifestyle. Daily I look to sky for the safety of my family and our boat.


Jets changing the weather was at first unbelievable when told to me by some friends until I observed it for myself. I can offer no proof other than photos and video but I have seen these jets spray weather changing compounds all around the Salish sea for years.

With the internet more people are becoming aware. We must stop the government from spraying us with unknown chemicals without our permission, which is against many laws.

Bill Vander Zalm has recently came out against chemtrails. Major media has not even mentioned this although they know. Personal emails from Bill Vander Zalm have confirmed this story to me.

Bill has proved a real leader speaking out against chemtrails and has ordered freedom of information records on chemtrails.


Follow links for more info. Please research for your own information and most important, look up and prove for yourself that aerosols sprayed from jets are changing the weather.

google chemtrails for more info.

Global marches against chemtrails will be held in Vancouver and Victoria on August 25.


more at www.canadaskywatch.com
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Government knows full well about this program.

Don't believe, or think ChemTrails is some kind of conspiracy theory? I can understand that. So let's call it by it's scientific name (Stratospheric Sulfur Aerosols). Brought to you by the Government of Canada. Wake-up People. Here it is in Black & White, in a recently Declassified Document published by Environment Canada. Read page #14.


Rating: +57
Justin, in the winter, do those white vapors from cars last for hours and hours or do they evaporate? Go to YouTube and type in "Chemtrail 101" to see the difference between a Contrail and a Chemtrail. Then watch the documentaries "What in the World Are They Spraying" And "Why in the World Are They Spraying". I'm sure you'll have a different attitude after this.
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Another "scientist" working for the global fascist state. Someone needs to tell this stooge that his own Ministry has already admitted to having documents regarding Treaty E103819 - CTS 1975 No. 11.

For those interested in real facts regarding geonengineering, here are some sources.

Here is Canada's "Weather Modification Information Regulations." (Current to June, 2013)

Agreement Between Canada and the United States of America Relating to the Exchange of Information on Weather Modification Activities

Geoengineering: Governance and Technology Policy
Kelsi Bracmort, Specialist in Agricultural Conservation and Natural Resources Policy
Richard K. Lattanzio, Analyst in Environmental Policy January 2, 2013

Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD)

Project Stormfury (the very first chemical spraying operation during the Vietnam War)

CIA Funds Study on Geoengineering (2013)

The US Military Wants to Own the Weather by 2025 (HAARP, Project Stormfury)
and the report, Weather As a Force Multiplier:
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Conrad H
Tired of the cover up and it does not take a scientist to see what is going on overhead. New BC born chemtrail education project just created to help politicians and environment lawyers to get a better picture with rainwater test results - very cool. http://www.project-raindrop.com
Citizen mapping of rainwater tests.
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calling leaders like vander zalm stupid is harper like and i would hope for a more grown up conversation with this professional. tell us mr. weatherman. why do the jets trails turn the sky grey over and over again? not just ice crystals that melt and go away but these sprays spread and stay.
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Judy Cross
I just love it when they play Tick Tack Toe in the sky

Explain the weather pattern causing what's shown in the above, Mr. Meteorologist Shill.
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Cam Trail
As if we didn't have enough real problems to worry about.

I suppose no amount of reason and logic will convince the conspiratorial-minded, though.
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it has long ago been acknowledged by the USA government that they have climate mod programs which include spraying. Whether this happens HERE in B.C. I don't know. What the POINT of it here in B.C. would be, I also can't imagine, as the spraying was done in the U.S. in specific areas that needed rain.
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John Hammell
David Jones of so called "Environment Canada" is the epitomy of a government stooge. He should be fired immediately.

Anyone can read the patents on weather modification, and the patents specifically mention geoengineering. Weather is publicly traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

When you can control the weather, you can make money. See the patents on weather modification here: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/links-to-geoengineering-patents/

Uh oh Davey, seems like you have a HUGE credibility problem... BTW- Monsanto is involved with the chemtrail spraying, they have a PATENT on a genetically engineered SEED designed to GERMINATE despite the changes in Ph Caused by the spraying of billions of tons of aluminum oxide particles- see http://farmwars.info/?p=7760

If anyone is pissed that this blowhard David Jones is swilling at the public trough, you should complain about him to your MP and Senators, and demand he be fired.

Go to THIS OTHER meteorologists website (Scott Stevens) and learn the TRUTH about chemtrails that Jones is attempting to COVER UP: http://weatherwars.info/

What do you have to say for yourself NOW, Davey baby?
Vander Zalm is a very good man, an honest man with the balls to speak up on this hot button issue. I applaud his leadership. NASA is openly calling for a transhumanist future, and they very openly discuss using chemtrails to cull the human herd in this PDF file which was either posted to the web for a short time accidentally, or it may have been leaked. It was only on the NASA website a short time, and then pulled from public view, but an astute person grabbed it and preserved it in cyberspace, go here and learn the truth: http://ymlp.com/z1mdsi

I will be part of the International March against Geoengineering in Vancouver on Sunday. I live in Point Roberts WA and will put posters up here today to try to get as many people from the Point as possible to cross the border to be part of this historic march, the first of many around the world to call attention to this outrageous threat to all life on planet earth.

Please watch "Why in the World Are They Spraying" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEfJO0-cTis The film maker, Michael Murphy is a friend of mine. He is hard at work on a third film to be titled "Who in the World is Spraying?" and needs donations to complete it, see http://www.whointheworldisspraying.com/
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Apparently the aluminum and barium has dumbed down our Goverement and those elected. Tax dollars for the ignorant people running this country.

Good for Vander Zalm for speaking out to help the cause.

Let's all hope that the cover up will be uncovered.
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Josh S.
Dear environment canada, you have a recently declassified report about geoengineering and it discusses the dispersal of particles in the atmosphere, you can find it here;

as for controlling the weather, its possible China and Russia do it, and there is a Calgary company called weather Modification Inc...

chemtrails are real, eyes to the skies
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The number of people convinced that the government is secretly modifying the weather in BC (why modify the weather in BC you may ask.....) is kind of funny especially since most of them probably think global warming is a conspiracy as well......
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