Surrey MLA Sue Hammell denies involvement in Forward B.C. NDP


Influential New Democrat Sue Hammell says that her family isn’t as political as the famous Trudeaus.

The five-term Surrey-Green Timbers MLA and former NDP cabinet member was responding to chatter that she’s preparing to pass on the mantle to her only child, Sage Aaron.

Aaron is the face of Forward B.C. NDP, a group whose emergence in September has triggered talk that it’s a Hammell creation whose unstated objectives include boosting her daughter’s public profile.

“I guess people often do think of families like Trudeau and then the young Trudeau, and that families tend to share interests,” Hammell told the Straight by phone, referring to the late Liberal prime minister Pierre Trudeau and his son Justin Trudeau, now leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

She dismissed as “absurd” speculation that she’s setting the stage for Aaron to succeed her in Surrey-Green Timbers either in the next provincial election in 2017 or through a byelection.

“My daughter is her own person as I have learned over the years,” the Official Opposition deputy house leader said. “And she makes her own decisions, and she has told me over and again that she has no interest in electoral politics.”

As to her supposed role in Forward B.C. NDP, Hammell said: “I don’t even know anyone beyond my daughter and a few others. Like I probably know about three or four people who are involved. So I’m not behind Forward.”

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Laugh of the day?
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Here's my number one question and I am not going to shut up until someone answers it to my satisfaction. 25 years ago 4 members of the party got suspended for two years for calling their municipal party the New Delta Party. Didn't even call it the NDP. The BC NDP got all huffy because the constitution specifically says "1.05 - The Party name, logo and symbols are solely for the use of the Party and its DULY CONSTITUTED bodies, and MAY NOT be used by others except in circumstances approved by formal motions of the Provincial Executive of the Party." People I know in the Executive say they never voted on whether to allow Forward to use Forward BC NDP. They were out there for months. Had a website, facebook page. Submitted literature and buttons to be approved for use on the convention floor. Precedence had already been set. Use of the name was complained about and the complaint dismissed by the provincial secretary. How was this allowed? To me, it's an indication of approval of what happened. And if they approved, they assisted. Convince me otherwise.
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There is a STINK at the CORE of the BC NDP - This Narcissistic - Self Centered - Self Righteous - Elitism of the Old Boy - Old Girl - Old Gay/ Transgendered / Whatever - will be the death of this party yet.

The simple fact that all those involved in the disaster that was the last Provincial Election - have not confessed their sins / incompetence / ignorance - and this will prevent any real prospect of winning the next election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Call me a sceptic!
What a laugh! Her daughter AND son-in-law are involved, but She knows nothing about it! OMG Does anyone believe this woman? I can't believe she could say this with a straight face !
Time to clean house at the Not Democratic Party!
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It's Sage's baby, not Sue's. If Sue was behind it do you really think they would have run a half slate?
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Party Favour
Justin Trudeau could only be so lucky...
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Tanis Moore
In my opinion, with years of experience trying to get Sue to act on her constituents behalf to improve their lives, she is only out for her own gratification via photo ops and parties. I am a Canadian and I deserve better.
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