Missing North Vancouver senior Joan Warren found dead near Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge


The North Vancouver RCMP has reported that a missing woman with dementia has died.

Police say a hiker came across Joan Warren's body yesterday around 3:30 p.m. near the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.

The B.C. Coroners Service is examining the cause of death; the RCMP say initial observations suggest she passed away after suffering from hypothermia.

A massive search by community members began after the 76-year-old vanished from her Lynn Valley residential-care home on the morning of December 6.

Her disappearance came during the coldest weather of the year.

"This is a tragic outcome, with the North Vancouver RCMP extending their sincere condolences and sympathy to the family and friends of Joan Warren," Cpl. Richard De Jong said in a statement.

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I hope that she succumbed quickly and with little fear or pain. At her age, she deserved that much at least.

But I also hope that we eventually find out how a person with dementia managed to "escape" a secure care home. I only have one experience with such a facility (a parent), but security was almost obsessive.

To get in, as a visitor, I had to be seen visually and "buzzed in" by two care workers. To get out, a care worker would unlock the door and stand beside me until the door locked again.
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These care homes should ensure better security for the people that live in them. It is better to be obsessive with their security rules than to have something this tragic happen to anyone. How can they justify this?
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Looks like
They keep a closer eye on the visitors then the seniors living there. How sad.
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@ Looks Like - I think you miss the point. Visitors are watched carefully because when they enter or exit, doors to the secure area are opened. Open doors are a problem.

The reason that staff pay close attention to visitors is because they care about residents/patients.
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People pay so much money for care homes such as these. The family should have some sense of security with their loved ones staying there. Staffing issues are often a problem. I agree with all that there should be better security on the doors and more watch on the patients. I hope that in the near future, GPS's could be installed in wander guards. Not to be on at all times, you don't want dignity sacrificed, but at least if the staff notice she is missing, they could turn it on somehow. To late a solution for poor Joan Warren. My heart goes out to the family.I really hope this Seniors home finds solutions and soon!!
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