Mayor Gregor Robertson promises no gambling expansion in Vancouver


Vancouver's mayor says he won't allow any expansion of gambling in the city while he's in office.

"Last month, Council directed staff to do a review of all gaming facilities in Vancouver to ensure they meet the highest public health standards, as laid out in an October report from BC's Chief Medical Health Officer," Gregor Robertson said in a statement on Tuesday evening (December 10).

"I've been very clear that there will not be any expansion of gambling in the City of Vancouver while I am Mayor. In 2011, Council denied a proposal that sought to expand gambling. As part of the Edgewater Casino project, we wrote into our bylaws a cap on the number of slots and tables that could be allowed at the new site. This prevents any form of gambling expansion at this site in the future, and any attempt to do so would require a rezoning - which I will never support."

Robertson issued his statement hours after the Vancouver Not Vegas coalition held a news conference regarding the latest proposal to move the Edgewater Casino from the Plaza of Nations to a site near B.C. Place.

The coalition announced that over 30 prominent Vancouver and B.C. residents are endorsing its bid to have city council review the casino application, which is set to go to the development permit board on Monday (December 16).

Paragon Holdings' development permit application would see the relocated casino's gambling floor area double in size.

However, the 2011 rezoning limits the B.C. Place site to the 600 slot machines and 75 gambling tables already permitted at Edgewater.

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"as long as I am mayor" we can arrange that, if it was gambling for bike lanes, the douche bag would be all over it
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Rick in Richmond
The voters have not forgotten what happened last time.

The pro-gambling forces said, again and again, that without expansion of the slots and tables, the casino would fail. They told us, again and again, that the revenues were just not high enough to stay in business.

They threatened Vancouver with shutting down altogether. 'If we can't expand our business, we die,' was their central message.

Now, they hope we have forgotten those threats. Now, they hope we overlook what they said last time. Now, they want us to believe that this latest foot-in-the-door is not just a ploy to get more space for more slots and tables a year from now.

Last time, the gambling forces said they would go broke without more slots and tables. Now, they say they just want more floor space, and will not go broke after all.

Which time were they telling the truth?

GUARANTEED: if allowed to expand the site, they will be back in a year sobbing about 'overhead costs' requiring them to expand the number of slots and tables. It's the Vegas mentality and, in their world, the house never loses.
Rating: +7
He has just said exactly what will happen. Edgewater will move, but the numbers will stay the same...there will be no expansion.

Some Nimby groups don't know how to take "Yes" for an answer.
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