Sea Shepherd Society prepares for high-seas encounters with Japanese whalers


The Sea Shepherd Society has sent three vessels from Australia on their way to the Antarctic to defend whales under attack from Japanese hunters.

The Steve Irwin, The Sam Simon, and The Bob Barker are going there because, in the words of Captain Peter Hammarstedt, Japan's "whale poaching fleet is an offence to an international community".

There will be more than 100 Sea Shepherd Society volunteers from 24 countries travelling on the vessels.

The society maintains that Japan is violating a 1986 ban on commercial whaling, whereas the Japanese claim that it's allowed to take nearly 1,000 whales under the category of "scientific research".

Meanwhile, Australia has asked the International Court of Justice to revoke Japan's permits, making the argument that its annual slaughter has little to do with science.

AFP has reported that Sea Shepherd Society founder and former Georgia Straight writer Paul Watson has been banned from going on this year's expedition because of a U.S. court injunction.

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Fuck Japan
Japan deserves this because of their ignorant consumption of endangered species.

Fuck Japan boycott Japanese Brands & Products like Cars.
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victoria hammond
I am so sorry that the Japanese government is not honest, taking tsunami relief money to outfit/refurbish their security ship as a true war ship.
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Bumbles Barnett
The Japanese don't eat them ! They maintain the hunt to keep a small but vocal group of businesses running.
The Australian government don't get a cut so they don't care.
The pollies are so drunk on money that a million is now a billion and we are expected to shut up while they put a for sale sign on everything.
The so called BOOM has left us broke & now fast tracking mining approvals will be the norm.
In the next decade they will have destroyed this country to profit a handful.
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